Dos and Don’ts for Your Bald Head Island Wedding

Bald Head Island is so beautiful!  If you haven’t visited, it is about 35 miles south of Wilmington, NC and is a nature preserve.  It has many restrictions on transportation, wildlife, and even the use of sparklers!  Because of these restrictions and the fact you have to access the island by ferry only, there are several challenges.  We have worked weddings, including my own, on Bald Head Island several times and know some useful information regarding your Bald Head Island Wedding, so here are our tips!

DO Create a Wedding Website with Travel, Accommodation, and Tourist Information.

Websites like WeddingJoJo and WeddingWire are very useful in providing information for your guests that will assist them in accessing Bald Head Island.  It may take some time, but investing in a well-planned and useful wedding website will save you answering lots of questions regarding what is available on the island in the future.  Spend some time working on your wedding website information and you’ll be glad you did!

DON’T Worry so much about where your guests are staying.

Typically, your guests have attended weddings in destination locations or even towns outside of their own and are used to finding accommodations.  Having a well=planned website with lots of options will help, but don’t spend every waking moment considering where each guest may stay.  They’ve been on vacation before, they can figure it out!

DO Consider using a rental cart as a getaway vehicle.

I rented the adorable Rolls Royce golf cart on Bald Head Island for my entry and getaway car to and from my reception and would highly recommend it!  You don’t have to go with the Rolls Royce (contact us for more details on reserving it), but would recommend having a separate vehicle that isn’t associated with your rental home as your escape car.  It makes for a much easier plan and that way, no one is out of a ride at the end of your event!

DON’T Wear your hair down.0531_Courtney_and_NIck_Theo_Milo_Photo

It’s a common mistake in planning how you will look on your wedding day.  Many brides envision their wedding day hair as long and flowing and blowing in the wind…but it usually (at least on Bald Head Island) ends up a natty mess by the end.  Because Bald Head Island is…an island…the wind blows in every direction.  When you think, “oh, I’ll just put my hair behind my ears, or pinned back and it’ll  stay…” think again.  My suggestion is to put your hair completely back, regardless off the style, and secure it with lots of bobby pins and hair spray.  I promise you won’t be sorry.  Oh, a side note…don’t wear a long veil on the beach…it will be everywhere and not nearly as pretty as you pictured it.

DO Hire vendors who have worked on Bald Head Island before.

This is a doozy, a big one.  Bald Head Island is difficult to manage and can sometimes be a challenge, but trust me…it is worth it in the end.  If you choose vendors who are using your wedding as their first attempt at Bald Head Island, get ready for a long and bumpy ride.  Vendors who know the island and are familiar with the logistics and overall complexity are going to vastly improve your experience versus those who don’t.  Trust me on this one…we’ve seen some sad, sloppy cakes before and you don’t want that!

Overall, Bald Head Island is a beautiful place to spend your happiest moments and we hope we can be part of it with you!  Contact us to get started planning your Bald Head Island wedding today!


Courtney Stone

info {at}kickstandevents {dot} com


Kickstand Events’ Status Report: The ultimate guide for peace of mind


Most of a bride’s fear during the planning process is from the uncertainty of the unknown.  When we sit down with couples during a consultation, we almost always hear some variation of “we’ve never done this before, so we’re not even sure where to start.”  It’s completely understandable to be uneasy of what you’re unprepared for, especially when you’re referring to a day where there’s a lot of emotion involved.  The pressure can be a lot to handle for brides and grooms alike.  Luckily for you, today we’re going to share the backbone of our planning system with you.

From engagement to the honeymoon, our Status Report is what drives our planning system.  Simplified as a checklist, organized by time frame, this status report is a starting point for your journey into planning.  Just as each couple’s love story is unique, so will the planning process and thus the status report.   Our Day-of Coordination and Wedding Weekend clients receive custom status reports, which we use to guide the couple along, alleviating the concern of not knowing “what’s next.”

Here at Kickstand, we are constantly referring to our Status Reports to make sure our clients have the peace of mind that they’re not missing any steps along the way.  Just click on the link below to download your very own Status Report!

Kickstand Events’ Status Report


If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to schedule your complimentary consultation with the Kickstand Team!


Happy Planning!




Vendor Spotlight: Bon Appetit

One of the great privileges we have as event planners is the opportunity to work with talented industry professionals who make our job rewarding, enjoyable, and unique to each and every client. The vendors that we recommend on a regular basis have showcased their expertise in ways that allow us to feel confident about whatever we are working on together. Planning & designing weddings is a job that we couldn’t successfully manage or execute without the professionalism and skill of those we coordinate with on a regular basis.

One of the vendors that we adore working with is Bon Appetit catering! Their staff is fantastic, hardworking, and diligent; their food is delicious; and their passion for creating memorable, amazing events is shown each time they work. Most importantly, they allow us to collaborate with them as we put our client’s vision first. Any bride would be lucky to have such a great team on their vendor list! 

If you’re in need of a great caterer for your special event, Bon Appetit is among the premiere caterers in town that we’d recommend to anyone. Check out our interview with Sonya Sessions, Bon Appetit’s Catering Director, to find out more about this great service!


 1. How and when did Bon Appetit get started? 

“Bon Appetit was started in Wilmington in 1995 and immediately raised the bar on all aspects of catering (from prompt day of return calls, to providing information to help educate clients on how to create a Food Budget).  The fact that we coordinate every aspect of an event truly takes the pressure off, and allows the client to focus on the enjoyment of their occasion. Bon Appetit has done the 1st Food Network Wedding of the year (a 2 hour episode that went nation wide), all of the site work for Dawson’s Creek (for 7 years), One Tree Hill, Revolution, Under the Dome, Iron Man 3, and many calls from the film studio when the need for creative Food Artistry was necessary. Our display work and creativity in the 100+ handmade Hors D’ouevres, and consistent teamwork from everyone here at Bon Appetit, allows clients to enjoy their upcoming event, without worrying about the details.”

 2. What is your favorite thing about working with Bon Appetit? 

“I’ve been at Bon Appetit for about nine years, and my enjoyment started at functions where I was a server and learned how creative and beautiful Bon Appetit displays their food. Now that I am the Catering Director, my enjoyment comes from the satisfaction of our clients. It makes me feel great at the end of the day when the Client gives me a hug and says how amazing everything was!”

 3. What makes you different from your competitors? 

“We believe that we give you more than just food for your event. We are very personable with our clients and go above-and-beyond to make their function run as smoothly as possible… even if that means doing more than a caterer should.”

 4. Does Bon Appetit specialize in certain types of food or service? 

“We specialize in whatever the client wants. We do have a catering menu that has a lot of Italian/American Cuisines, but we are constantly keeping-up with new food-trends and customize menus all the time for our clients. We take the clients wishes and want to create a menu specifically for them. We usually go back-and-forth until they are completely satisfied. We’ve also taken family recipes and incorporated that along with our delicious cuisines.”

 5. Can you arrange for a tasting of the specific foods you’re interested in prior to hiring? 

“We do offer tastings that consist of 10-12 Hors D’oeuvres, two signature dishes, and an assortment of mini-desserts and dipped berries.”

 6. What is the average price range? 

“We really don’t have an average price range since we work with all types of clients and their budget.”



You can schedule a tasting and find out even more information by visiting Bon Appetit’s website, or emailing Sonya at


What Kind of Bride are You?


What kind of bride are you?

Over the past couple seasons, we’ve realized there are generally two types of brides out there.  There is the “Day-of” Bride and the “Full Service” Bride.  Regardless of what kind of bride you are, it’s important to know one thing.  Your wedding day is the day you will be pampered, surrounded by family and friends who love you, and most importantly, the day you will marry the love of your life.

Your focus should be on polishing your grandmother’s and pinning it to your dress.  It should be on spending precious moments with your mom and best girlfriends.  It should be on the fact that today marks the day you join your life with someone else.  You should not have to worry about checking in with your vendors, ensuring everyone is following the timeline, or supervising the installation of all the décor you have worked on so meticulously during your engagement.

There are a thousand things that could derail your pre-wedding planning.  Just imagine.  Your DJ gets a flat tire and won’t make it in time to play your ceremony music.  Your pastor gets called away on an emergency and you don’t have a backup.  Your flowers arrive but there aren’t enough bouquets.  Do you really want to be the person to figure out the solution? Or even subject a family member to the same?  I wouldn’t either.  That’s why, no matter how hands-on you are during the pre-wedding planning or how many times you confirm and double-confirm your vendors, it’s smart to consider hiring a day-of coordinator.

Your Day-of Coordinator is the one to ensure your day is as stress-free as possible for you and your family.  Your coordinator will supervise all the setup, timing, and direction for you so you can focus on soaking it all in!  Your coordinator will make sure you, your vendors, and your guests are where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there.

The day-of coordination service is perfect for the bride who has a clear vision for her wedding day, wants to make all the decisions regarding vendors and design, and who understands the importance of having a team to help her on the wedding day.  This bride loves all things D-I-Y and has the time, patience, and desire to see all the projects through to the end.  She also knows that she wants her wedding day to be stress free.  Your coordinator will direct your ceremony rehearsal and will be on-site at your venue as soon as the doors open to the moment the last item has been broken down at the end of the night.

With our day-of coordination service, you will have three planning meetings to make sure you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s.  You will have the opportunity to ask your coordinator for vendor recommendations and other design or planning related questions.  Your coordinator will create a custom floor plan for you based on your venue, rentals, and guest count, as well as a wedding day timeline.  Your coordinator will coordinate all your vendors based on your contract with the vendor and the timeline for the wedding day.  When your wedding day arrives, your coordinator is on-site to direct guests from the ceremony to cocktail hour then off to the reception, ensure the timeline is followed by all your vendors, make sure you have a toasting flute in-hand for toasts, and a slice of cake at your seat.  Your gifts will be packed away and decorative details boxed up and stored.

The “full service” coordination provides you pre-wedding planning, complete event design, and consulting services, including everything provided by Day-of Coordination.  This service is for the busy professional couple, an out-of town bride, or the bride who wants nothing to do with the stress of planning and designing her own wedding.  Full service includes everything you may need along the way, regardless of the topic.  From event branding to invitation design and booking vendors, full service provides anything you need.  We have a saying here at Kickstand, “If you want a house made out of sticks, we will make you a house made out of sticks!”  We want to make sure you enjoy your engagement, in whatever way we can.  It is such a special time and without help along the way, the details can be completely overwhelming.

With our full service package, brides will have a personal event coordinator and designer to take the reigns as often as you need them to.  You can do as little or as much as you want along the way.  Your planner can create a custom design plan, design, print, assemble, and mail out your invitatations, create your rental orders, and attend all meetings with vendors on your behalf.  You want to handle the meeting with your DJ and mail out your own invites but nothing else?  No problem!  This package provides the ultimate flexibility without nickel-and-diming.

However you chose to plan for your big day is an expression of who you are, embrace it!  Just know that Kickstand is behind you all the way!  Inquire for more details on how we can help give you the wedding day you imagine!

Happy Planning!


Great Gatsby Styled Shoot

Putting this Great Gatsby inspired photo shoot together with Theo Milo Photography was so much fun! The elegant charm of The City Club at de Rosset, located in downtown Wilmington, served as the perfect setting to bring our vision to life. The infamous Gatsby art deco patterns were incorporated throughout our paper & tablescape design, along with the classic pairing of black and gold linens and detailing. We incorporated the elegance of Gatsby through our cascading orchid centerpiece & bouquet design, and popped some bubbly for the champagne bar. Check out the results of this lavish affaire!


Special thanks to all of the vendors who helped us create this styled shoot!

Venue & Food- City Club at de Rosset

Photography- Theo Milo Photography

Linens- BBJ

Rentals- Party Suppliers and Rentals

Models- Brittany Ruppert & Jonathan Fowler

Model Hair Styling- Hannah Lynne

Model Make-up- Maari Wohlhueter

Men’s Wear- Cape Fear Formal Wear

Floral, Invitation, and Event Design- Kickstand Events

-Kate, Courtney & Sally

5 Things You Should Do Right Before Your Wedding

Today’s post comes from experience.  Within 2 weeks of my wedding I was running around like a crazy person trying to tie up loose ends, get my ducks in a row, entertain guests, pack, clean, stuff envelopes, organize…you name it.  There are a few things that I wish I had prioritized to finish before those two weeks.  Here they are:

1. If you are going on a honeymoon, pack everything you can in advance. 

This sounds pretty obvious and straightforward, and it is.  I still needed to pack a few things the day after my wedding, but frankly I didn’t feel like it!  If I had packed everything I needed earlier, I wouldn’t have had to do anything but leave town to go on my honeymoon!

2. Do all of the laundry in your house.

I mean, like, empty your hamper and wash your sheets and towels and anything else that is dirty.  I had new clothes for my 0069_Courtney_and_NIck_Theo_Milo_Photohoneymoon, so when I got back…there was literally more laundry than I’ve ever seen in my house at once.  I had too much it was so hard to catch up!  It took me a good month to get through everything and put it away properly.  If I had all my “old” clothes washed and put away, it wouldn’t have been a problem!

3. Go on a date.

Because I was running around like crazy, we had very little time to spend together during one of the most exciting times of our lives.  It was all about getting the house clean, making travel plans, organizing, etc. and we didn’t get a chance to go on a special date, just the two of us.  Something I would definitely recommend!!

4. Ask someone to watch your house while you are away on your honeymoon.

My gracious business partners kept an eye on my house while I was gone and I was so thankful!  We had many gifts that I knew were on their way, which meant they would be sitting out on my front door step for days and days, open for any gift robbers prowling my neighborhood.  That freaked me out.  I didn’t want our gifts stolen and I also didn’t want creepers to know we were out of town.  I gave them a key to my house and they moved all of my gifts inside for me!

5. Ask for help.

This is the biggest one.  I should have asked for help because I really did need it.  It was hard to determine where or what I needed help with, but I could have used a couple of extra hands to help do things to get ready for the wedding.  That isn’t to say I didn’t have help throughout the process, but I am not usually one to ask for help and this time I definitely should have!

Happy planning!