Courtney’s Wedding: The Colors

What’s one of the first questions people asks you is “what are your colors?”  Well…I’m here to tell you my style, colors, and overall look of my wedding, without being too specific!  Again, I need to have some surprises!  So here it goes… Deep Teal: This is the color of my bridesmaids dresses and one […]

Bouquet of the Month: February

It’s that time again for our gorgeous bouquet of the month for February!  This one was all yellow inspired!  Isn’t it just so fun and spunky?!  Thanks again to Theo Milo Photography for always taking fabulous pictures of our work. We also added some boutonnieres to this one, too.  We also gave a shout out […]

Design Seeds

We hope everyone had a very relaxing and enjoyable Easter weekend!  It was such awesome weather, how could you not?!  Today’s blog post is about another new website I have come across.  So many brides I talk to at least have one color in mind but can’t really find coordinating colors or anything that doesn’t […]

Kate Spade’s Wedding Belles

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we love Kate Spade.  She inspired our brand!  She, by the way, is David Spade’s sister.  Just a little-known useless fact for you.  Anyway, their shoes and handbags are amazing…such a clean, but bright style.  We love the greens and pinks and blues that Kate Spade is […]

Landfall Wedding Showcase, Ladies’ 19th Hole

We had such a blast designing this room at the Dye Clubhouse at Landfall Country Club.  For the Ladies’ 19th hole room, it was complete with lovely printed fabric on the couch, lounge chairs and dining chairs.  Throughout the room, we found plenty of Bridge score sheets, so it really is used for a ladies’ […]