Kristen & Jeff 05.18.2013

This weekend, as we are gearing up for Sally’s big wedding day (Saturday), I wanted to give everyone some eye candy to hold you over!  This one comes from Bald Head Island at the Shoals Club with the always talented Scott Piner Photography.  I’m telling you, this day could not have been more gorgeous!  The […]

Kate Spade’s Wedding Belles

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we love Kate Spade.  She inspired our brand!  She, by the way, is David Spade’s sister.  Just a little-known useless fact for you.  Anyway, their shoes and handbags are amazing…such a clean, but bright style.  We love the greens and pinks and blues that Kate Spade is […]


So it has arrived, Anthropologie‘s new wedding line!  From gowns to bridesmaids dresses to hair accessories and even wedding decor (coming in May), B H L D N (pronounced “Beholden”) launched Valentine’s Day 2011!  We couldn’t be more excited because wedding dresses have come a long way…not the puffy long sleeves and tulle-ridden disasters they […]