Kristen & Jeff 05.18.2013

This weekend, as we are gearing up for Sally’s big wedding day (Saturday), I wanted to give everyone some eye candy to hold you over!  This one comes from Bald Head Island at the Shoals Club with the always talented Scott Piner Photography.  I’m telling you, this day could not have been more gorgeous!  The […]

Jenna + Tyson 03.22.2013

We loved working with this couple!  Jenna and Tyson were so fun, sweet, and overall awesome to work with!  They were fun and spunky and loved every minute of their wedding!  Special thanks to Theo Milo Photography, 128 South, DJ Brian Hood, Imaginary Cakes, Chris Johns Cello, Rent a Tent and High Performance Lighting for […]

Courtney’s Wedding: What I’ve been doing!

Greetings, friends!  It has been a little while since I blogged about what has been happening with my wedding, and that’s for good reason!  Planning your own wedding while planning many other brides’ weddings can definitely be a challenge, but has given me new insight into the general planning process.  Some of the things I […]

Courtney’s Wedding: It’s all about me…not

So now that we’ve set a date…the pressure is on. Lots of wedding professionals, including our company, say “it’s your wedding!” all the time.  While I get it, frankly…that is not reality.  While, yes, it is my (and Nick’s…sorry babe), wedding, there are other factors that contribute to my decision making.  I picked Bald Head […]