Kristen & Jeff 05.18.2013

This weekend, as we are gearing up for Sally’s big wedding day (Saturday), I wanted to give everyone some eye candy to hold you over!  This one comes from Bald Head Island at the Shoals Club with the always talented Scott Piner Photography.  I’m telling you, this day could not have been more gorgeous!  The purple flowers and her southern style really makes for a unique and beautiful wedding day!

scottpiner_20130518_17 scottpiner_20130518_18 scottpiner_20130518_19 scottpiner_20130518_20 scottpiner_20130518_23 scottpiner_20130518_24 scottpiner_20130518_25 scottpiner_20130518_27 scottpiner_20130518_30 scottpiner_20130518_33 scottpiner_20130518_34 scottpiner_20130518_35 scottpiner_20130518_37 scottpiner_20130518_38 scottpiner_20130518_41 scottpiner_20130518_46 scottpiner_20130518_48 scottpiner_20130518_50 scottpiner_20130518_52 scottpiner_20130518_57 scottpiner_20130518_58 scottpiner_20130518_59 scottpiner_20130518_61 scottpiner_20130518_63 scottpiner_20130518_67 scottpiner_20130518_71 scottpiner_20130518_74 scottpiner_20130518_76 scottpiner_20130518_77 scottpiner_20130518_79 scottpiner_20130518_86


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