Alyssa & Dan 08.10.2013

What a beauty this wedding was!  Bald Head Island is one of my very favorite places on earth (mostly because I got married there, winky face) and this wedding just reminded me of how magical it really is!  Alyssa and Dan were married at the Bald Head Island Chapel and partied all night long at the Shoals Club.  Special thanks to Keepsake Memories Photography for the amazing pictures!

bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-6 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-8 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-9 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-10 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-11 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-12 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-13 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-14 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-16 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-30 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-31 keepsake-memories-photography-2-21 keepsake-memories-photography-2-22 keepsake-memories-photography-2-23 keepsake-memories-photography-2-31 keepsake-memories-photography-2-32


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