Dos and Don’ts for Your Bald Head Island Wedding

Bald Head Island is so beautiful!  If you haven’t visited, it is about 35 miles south of Wilmington, NC and is a nature preserve.  It has many restrictions on transportation, wildlife, and even the use of sparklers!  Because of these restrictions and the fact you have to access the island by ferry only, there are several challenges.  We have worked weddings, including my own, on Bald Head Island several times and know some useful information regarding your Bald Head Island Wedding, so here are our tips!

DO Create a Wedding Website with Travel, Accommodation, and Tourist Information.

Websites like WeddingJoJo and WeddingWire are very useful in providing information for your guests that will assist them in accessing Bald Head Island.  It may take some time, but investing in a well-planned and useful wedding website will save you answering lots of questions regarding what is available on the island in the future.  Spend some time working on your wedding website information and you’ll be glad you did!

DON’T Worry so much about where your guests are staying.

Typically, your guests have attended weddings in destination locations or even towns outside of their own and are used to finding accommodations.  Having a well=planned website with lots of options will help, but don’t spend every waking moment considering where each guest may stay.  They’ve been on vacation before, they can figure it out!

DO Consider using a rental cart as a getaway vehicle.

I rented the adorable Rolls Royce golf cart on Bald Head Island for my entry and getaway car to and from my reception and would highly recommend it!  You don’t have to go with the Rolls Royce (contact us for more details on reserving it), but would recommend having a separate vehicle that isn’t associated with your rental home as your escape car.  It makes for a much easier plan and that way, no one is out of a ride at the end of your event!

DON’T Wear your hair down.0531_Courtney_and_NIck_Theo_Milo_Photo

It’s a common mistake in planning how you will look on your wedding day.  Many brides envision their wedding day hair as long and flowing and blowing in the wind…but it usually (at least on Bald Head Island) ends up a natty mess by the end.  Because Bald Head Island is…an island…the wind blows in every direction.  When you think, “oh, I’ll just put my hair behind my ears, or pinned back and it’ll  stay…” think again.  My suggestion is to put your hair completely back, regardless off the style, and secure it with lots of bobby pins and hair spray.  I promise you won’t be sorry.  Oh, a side note…don’t wear a long veil on the beach…it will be everywhere and not nearly as pretty as you pictured it.

DO Hire vendors who have worked on Bald Head Island before.

This is a doozy, a big one.  Bald Head Island is difficult to manage and can sometimes be a challenge, but trust me…it is worth it in the end.  If you choose vendors who are using your wedding as their first attempt at Bald Head Island, get ready for a long and bumpy ride.  Vendors who know the island and are familiar with the logistics and overall complexity are going to vastly improve your experience versus those who don’t.  Trust me on this one…we’ve seen some sad, sloppy cakes before and you don’t want that!

Overall, Bald Head Island is a beautiful place to spend your happiest moments and we hope we can be part of it with you!  Contact us to get started planning your Bald Head Island wedding today!


Courtney Stone

info {at}kickstandevents {dot} com


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