Stephanie + James 07.05.2013

This July wedding was HOT!  We used pops of color everywhere for Stephanie and James’ Brooklyn Arts Center wedding!  Special thanks to Keepsake Memories Photography for capturing the day!

keepsake-memories-photography-7 keepsake-memories-photography-22 keepsake-memories-photography-30 keepsake-memories-photography-38 keepsake-memories-photography-41 keepsake-memories-photography-42 keepsake-memories-photography-48 keepsake-memories-photography-49 keepsake-memories-photography-53 keepsake-memories-photography-55 keepsake-memories-photography-58 keepsake-memories-photography-62 keepsake-memories-photography-63 keepsake-memories-photography-67 keepsake-memories-photography-68 keepsake-memories-photography-72 keepsake-memories-photography-84 keepsake-memories-photography-85 keepsake-memories-photography-86 keepsake-memories-photography-88 keepsake-memories-photography-92

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