What Kind of Bride are You?


What kind of bride are you?

Over the past couple seasons, we’ve realized there are generally two types of brides out there.  There is the “Day-of” Bride and the “Full Service” Bride.  Regardless of what kind of bride you are, it’s important to know one thing.  Your wedding day is the day you will be pampered, surrounded by family and friends who love you, and most importantly, the day you will marry the love of your life.

Your focus should be on polishing your grandmother’s and pinning it to your dress.  It should be on spending precious moments with your mom and best girlfriends.  It should be on the fact that today marks the day you join your life with someone else.  You should not have to worry about checking in with your vendors, ensuring everyone is following the timeline, or supervising the installation of all the décor you have worked on so meticulously during your engagement.

There are a thousand things that could derail your pre-wedding planning.  Just imagine.  Your DJ gets a flat tire and won’t make it in time to play your ceremony music.  Your pastor gets called away on an emergency and you don’t have a backup.  Your flowers arrive but there aren’t enough bouquets.  Do you really want to be the person to figure out the solution? Or even subject a family member to the same?  I wouldn’t either.  That’s why, no matter how hands-on you are during the pre-wedding planning or how many times you confirm and double-confirm your vendors, it’s smart to consider hiring a day-of coordinator.

Your Day-of Coordinator is the one to ensure your day is as stress-free as possible for you and your family.  Your coordinator will supervise all the setup, timing, and direction for you so you can focus on soaking it all in!  Your coordinator will make sure you, your vendors, and your guests are where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there.

The day-of coordination service is perfect for the bride who has a clear vision for her wedding day, wants to make all the decisions regarding vendors and design, and who understands the importance of having a team to help her on the wedding day.  This bride loves all things D-I-Y and has the time, patience, and desire to see all the projects through to the end.  She also knows that she wants her wedding day to be stress free.  Your coordinator will direct your ceremony rehearsal and will be on-site at your venue as soon as the doors open to the moment the last item has been broken down at the end of the night.

With our day-of coordination service, you will have three planning meetings to make sure you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s.  You will have the opportunity to ask your coordinator for vendor recommendations and other design or planning related questions.  Your coordinator will create a custom floor plan for you based on your venue, rentals, and guest count, as well as a wedding day timeline.  Your coordinator will coordinate all your vendors based on your contract with the vendor and the timeline for the wedding day.  When your wedding day arrives, your coordinator is on-site to direct guests from the ceremony to cocktail hour then off to the reception, ensure the timeline is followed by all your vendors, make sure you have a toasting flute in-hand for toasts, and a slice of cake at your seat.  Your gifts will be packed away and decorative details boxed up and stored.

The “full service” coordination provides you pre-wedding planning, complete event design, and consulting services, including everything provided by Day-of Coordination.  This service is for the busy professional couple, an out-of town bride, or the bride who wants nothing to do with the stress of planning and designing her own wedding.  Full service includes everything you may need along the way, regardless of the topic.  From event branding to invitation design and booking vendors, full service provides anything you need.  We have a saying here at Kickstand, “If you want a house made out of sticks, we will make you a house made out of sticks!”  We want to make sure you enjoy your engagement, in whatever way we can.  It is such a special time and without help along the way, the details can be completely overwhelming.

With our full service package, brides will have a personal event coordinator and designer to take the reigns as often as you need them to.  You can do as little or as much as you want along the way.  Your planner can create a custom design plan, design, print, assemble, and mail out your invitatations, create your rental orders, and attend all meetings with vendors on your behalf.  You want to handle the meeting with your DJ and mail out your own invites but nothing else?  No problem!  This package provides the ultimate flexibility without nickel-and-diming.

However you chose to plan for your big day is an expression of who you are, embrace it!  Just know that Kickstand is behind you all the way!  Inquire for more details on how we can help give you the wedding day you imagine!



Happy Planning!



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