Changing your name from Ms. to Mrs.

Now that the dust has settled and things are getting more back to normal (besides getting used to calling Nick my husband), I spent some time changing my name and getting that straightened out.  There are a few places I haven’t changed my name, but here are the basics for North Carolina:

1. Facebook.  This is a must!  Joking…kinda.

The real #1…

1. Your local Social Security Office


One thing you need to remember when changing your name is to bring your marriage license with you everywhere. You can’t change your name in most places, even the bank, without it.  So, bring your marriage license, your social security card, and several forms of ID.

I brought the marriage license, driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and my social security card.  I didn’t want to be without some weird form of ID that I needed…I wasn’t going to go back there again!  I sat in the Social Security Office (which, by the way, isn’t filled with newly married women wanting to change their name…I’ll let you figure out the rest) for about 20 minutes then just told them what I wanted my name to be changed to and they sent a new social security card in the mail.  Once you have that…

2. Go to the DMV.

Again, bring your marriage license!  You get your marriage license in the mail after you have sent in the one you signed on your wedding day.  The DMV is where you will change your driver’s license so you can get all the rest of your personal things changed.  It’s $10 for a replacement ID (check or cash only!) and yay a new picture!  This time, they sent it in the mail again so you will need to wait a few days to change your name everywhere else.

3. Go to the bank.

If you want your new name to be on your debit, credit, and other bank cards, you’ll need to go to the bank with your new ID and yep, you guessed it, your marriage license.  They send these cards in the mail as well, so hold your horses on changing all of your online payments.  I would also recommend ordering new checks (if you are joining bank accounts) to have your name on them as well as your new husband’s.

4. Change miscellaneous account names.

This one is easy, it is simple to change your name on your utilities, Costco accounts, even some credit cards, just a click of a button or going into the store!

The one I haven’t done yet is the passport…which seems like a lengthy process, but I will keep you updated on this one!  I hope this helps!!

Courtney Stone

info {at} kickstandevents {dot} com


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