Celebrate Memorial Day!

What better way to welcome the summer season than to host a Memorial Day party for your closest pals?!  

Here’s a quick guide to help with choosing the main elements for your seaside fete!

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Keep them simple.  Give your guests the necessary information… what the event is, when and where it will take place… and you can leave it at that.  You may want to make a note as to the dress and the menu —  Lobster Boil, for example — so guests are comfortable and have the chance to alert you if they have a shellfish or other food allergy related to the menu. There’s nothing worse than a guest who can’t enjoy the food because of an unknown food allergy!



It’s always a good idea to keep the menu consistent with the setting.  If you’re hosting an outdoor, seaside event, think of a Low-Country or Lobster Boil, with fresh & local Lobsters, Clams, and Oysters.  Keep in mind some of your guests may not like seafood so consider throwing a couple marinated jerk chicken, burgers, and hot dogs on the grill as well.



Holiday-themed drinks and desserts are always a fun addition to the party.  Adding fresh blueberries and strawberries to Strawberry spritzers is a great way to incorporate the good ole’ red, white & blue colors without being too theme-yView More: http://faithteasleyphotography.pass.us/shwedding


Fruit-filled paper cones are not only delicious but make a great serve-yourself display!

You could even give them the option to add them to shortcake or just top with some whipped cream!



When I think of a casual, coastal fete, I immediately think of lobster red, cobalt blue glassware, brown kraft paper or newspaper, and crisp organic linens!

Consider using a gingham check linen or even just brown kraft paper to cover the tables for a laid-back, casual feeling.   Keep the decor to a minimum and focus on the food!  Blue pots of lobsters and galvanized bins to hold corn cobs, new potatoes, and cobalt glassware will really pop off of brown kraft paper or newspaper table coverings.  Feel free to bring in lanterns or decorative rope accents to keep your seaside theme consistent.


Keeping with the coastal, outdoor theme, I love the idea of having lawn games setup for your guests to play.  Croquet, Bocce, and even  lawn bowling are great games to have for guests of all ages!

Hiring live performers can really turn your shindig into a real party!  Consider hiring a two-piece band to provide soft music during dinner and crank it up afterwards to promote a party-feeling that everyone will want to be a part of!   From beach music to jazz, music can really set the tone for your event.

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Have a great Memorial Day weekend and we’ll see you on the flip-side!



View More: http://faithteasleyphotography.pass.us/shwedding


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