The Final Stretch of Wedding Planning

Last night, I woke up in a sweat after having a ridiculous “nightmare”. Not that I was being chased…not that I was in danger…not that I was in some kind of embarrassing social situation…

I dreamt about the escort card display at my wedding.

 Terrifying, huh?

This week marks the halfway point to my wedding day, and I couldn’t feel more excited and happy that it is quickly approaching! However, this period of the engagement has also presented bouts of stress about the tasks ahead (as revealed in my dream). Now that the past six months have been spent organizing logistics, selecting vendors, and brainstorming décor; I look onward to the next half of my engagement and realize that I have decisions to make & massive tasks to complete. Yes…one of them being my escort card display…

Regardless of how long your engagement is, I thought I’d offer some advice on what you should be doing with the last half portion of your planning time.

Confirm What You Know:

– Touch base with your vendors: At this point, you likely have a good idea about your event timeline, floor plan, rain plan, and vendor list. With that said, it is now an appropriate time to touch base with your vendors to talk about the details & confirm the plans you’ve already made. Discussing rental items, the event timeline, the floor plan, the menu/music/décor selections, etc, will give you a calming sense that everyone is on the same page at this point.

-Update your registry & wedding website: You always want to ensure that the information you are publishing for guests is accurate and up to date. Now is a good time to double check your details before directing guests to your informative wedding site & registry.

Decide on Décor:

-Just Choose: This is where I am having difficulty lately…I’ve seen so many beautiful weddings and brainstormed so many ideas that I’m now having trouble just saying “yes” or “no” to each décor element I imagine. However, NOW is the time to make decisions about décor. Procrastination will only cause more stress, and ultimately delay the inevitable decisions that need to be made anyway. Focus on spending your décor budget on things that will align with your overall vision and make a memorable impact for your guests. There is no right or wrong decision to make…it’s your wedding and your choices…just have fun actually making them now!


*Still need help deciding? Turn to your wedding professionals for advice! They’ve seen hundreds of successful events and would be happy to offer the guidance you may need.
Send Invitations:

-Save the dates: These should be sent out about 6 months in advance of your wedding day. Just ensure that it directs guests to your wedding website so that they have the information they’ll need to book accommodations and make their plans for your big day!

-Invitations: Ideally, these should be sent out about 2 months before the wedding. This will give your guests plenty of time to respond, and your vendors can comfortably finalize plans based on your expected headcount.

*Make sure you send the rehearsal dinner invitations about 6 weeks in advance of the wedding weekend.

Rally the Troops:

-The Attire: With half of your engagement remaining, you still have plenty of time to check-in with your bridal party and ensure that they are on track with providing their assigned wedding attire (shoes & accessories included). Let them know about any hair & makeup services they can take advantage as well.

*In fact, this is a great task to give to your Maid of Honor/Best Man!

 -The Gifts: Selecting and assembling gifts for your bridal party and family members can take up a lot of time and energy! In order to make it meaningful and thoughtful, go ahead and order their gifts early so that you have plenty of time to prepare them. Your bridal party and family deserve a well planned gift for all of their support along the way!

-The Agenda: One of the most important aspects of planning the wedding is coordinating the people around you. By finalizing a wedding weekend agenda, your bridal party & family members will be organized and informed about what to expect for the weekend. Giving each of them an agenda that outlines what, when, where, why, and how, will minimize any questions you need to deal with as the wedding nears.


Last (but certainly not least), make sure that you enjoy every possible second with your fiancé. There is only a short amount of time that you two will hold that title, so don’t let the tasks ahead overwhelm or shadow this exciting time in your relationship. By staying productive, diligent, and rational about the importance of the tasks ahead, you will enter into your marriage with a positive, stress-free outlook that every bride deserves.

So sweet dreams to all of you brides out there! And happy planning!



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