Courtney’s Honeymoon in Saint Lucia

Hello everyone!  My wedding has come and gone–what a wild ride it was!  I can’t wait to share photos with you!  For now, I want to give some tips and my suggestions for honeymooning, whether it be Saint Lucia or any other place you haven’t visited before!

Use passport covers.  One of our dear friends gave us “his & hers” passport covers, mine was white and his was black, for our honeymoon.  At first, Nick thought they were silly, but the more often we had to use them, the easier it was to determine mine and his.  I would just look in my bag for the white passport and it was so quick and easy!  I highly recommend identifying your passport vs. your husband’s!

Carry small bills.  If you are going to a country that has a foreign currency, I recommend getting small bills, like 1, 5, 10 and keeping them in the main part of your wallet and putting larger bills folded in a smaller part.  That way, when you are taking a taxi, buying street food, or even paying for transportation, you don’t attract attention with your $100 US dollars.

Spin your rings around whenever possible.  Even if your wedding rings don’t have diamonds (or other precious stones) all the way around, I would recommend turning your rings upside down so the less expensive side of the rings is showing to the world.  The biggest reason is to not attract attention.  If you are sitting on the beach with a big honkin’ ring shining for all the vendors to see, you will get a lot more attention, i.e. people coming up to you trying to sell you stuff.  This worked great for me, I just spun my rings around every time I was on the beach and it made me feel more safe.  On that same note, the safest place for your wedding rings is on your hand.  I know the hotel room probably has a safe, but I am not very trusting of those things.  Your hand is always the best place to keep your rings!

Pack a swim suit in your carry-on or personal bag.  This seems like a no-brainer, but we put our swim suits in our carry on and the plane was so packed with carry-ons that we actually ended up having to check our carry-on bag.  So we were left without swim suits.  Nick brought a back pack, so we should have put them in there so we could have gone straight to the pool when we arrived in Saint Lucia!IMG_0707

Bring a baseball hat. We did a few excursions while on our trip, one of them being zip lining.  If you weren’t wearing a baseball hat, you had to wear a hair net.  Ew.  I should have brought my dang baseball hat!

When planning for excursions & activities, book those in the mornings.  It worked out perfectly that we had our excursions in the morning and the afternoon for eating and laying on the beach.  I would highly recommend doing all of your activities in the morning to leave the afternoon to drink cocktails on the beach!

When possible, eat like the locals do.  My favorite food, by far, was at a fish shack on the beach that had a bunch of locals.  You’ll always find the local cuisine to be much better than anything frozen from the resort or popular chain restaurants.  The owner of the fish shack even gave us some of her secret seasonings!

Ta ta for now!



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