April Showers…

How to Pull-Off a Fabulous Event (Rain or Shine)

The spring season is one of the most popular times to get married. The flowers are freshly blooming, the colors are lovely, and the sun is shining… for the most part…

If you’re planning an outdoor affair, there are things you should consider when dealing with Mother Nature’s elements this time of year (and year-round, for that matter). Unfortunately, pretending like rain doesn’t exist on the day you get married doesn’t qualify as a rain plan; but we have some tips that can make your “Plan B” stress-free, fun, and practical, based on your outdoor arrangements.

Tent The Event

Although many brides loath the mention of a tent, it can be a lifesaver to you and your guests in the case of poor weather. The important aspects of renting a tent are to do it early and be realistic.  


Rent Early

When creating your initial rental order, it’s not a bad idea to go ahead and include a tent so that you have a rain plan established from the get-go. That way, once you are finalizing your rental order and confirming final payments, you can either keep the tent (according to “original plan” & expected bill) or take it off the order (which will be a fantastic “bonus” & money saver) based on the forecast. It’s never a good feeling to unexpectedly spend a few hundred dollars on a tent at the last minute. If it’s on the order early, it’s at least “on your radar” as an additional, necessary expense. Going into the event with a solid plan will allow you to get organized and minimize rain-related drama, rather than scrambling for the solution at the last second.

*Tip: Ask your rental company about their deposit policy for tents. Some companies require a non-refundable deposit on a tent, even if you don’t end up needing to use it. However, there are many rental companies that won’t charge you for the unused tent if you have other items rented from them. It’s worth looking into before choosing your rental company.

Be Realistic

As you plan your décor and coordinate logistics with your vendors, they will likely ask you about your rain plan. Having notes for your vendors about your rain plan (like floor plan and event timeline adjustments) will ensure that everyone is on the same page, regardless of the weather. Once the “call is made” about which plan (Plan A or Rain Plan) to go with, your vendors will be well versed in how to seamless execute everything as you’ve imagined. 

Make It Fun!

Since weather is one of the elements to an event that no one can control, you might as well make the best of it! If your forecast is predicting less than perfect weather, don’t let it effect your attitude about the day. Instead, embrace what Mother Nature brought for your wedding and poke fun at the situation. For example, you can offer your guests cute rainproof accessories as they arrive to your ceremony & reception…umbrellas, rain boots, ponchos, blankets, towels, underwater cameras; you name it! That way, guests will lighten up about the weather you’re dealing with and appreciate your thoughtful effort to make the most of it for everyone. You’ll leave them with a lasting memory and a great impression about your positive attitude; after all, it should be the happiest day of your life—rain or shine.


Let The Wedding Pros Work Their Magic

Depending on the amount of notice that you have for wet or cold weather conditions, making changes to your menu is a thoughtful way to warm guests up. Asking your caterer for some alterations to the menu (based on bad weather) can create a cozy ambiance for the evening. If it’s cold and rainy outside, offering a steaming bowl of soup, instead of a salad, is a simple switch that will make your guests comfortable. You can even use cocktail hour to set the mood by offering signature drinks like “Dark and Stormy” or “Mudslide” cocktails. Guests will think it’s a cute touch without over-dramatizing the unwelcomed weather. 


Happy Spring from the Kickstand Team!





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