Courtney’s Wedding: 5 Tips to Keep It Real

Well, it’s here!  My wedding is officially this Saturday, 2 days away!  There have been many challenges planning a wedding on top of planning lots of other weddings.  There are a few things I want to tell readers to remember when it comes to planning their big day:

1. Just because it’s “your wedding”, doesn’t mean you need to be involved in everything.

This is something I wish I had realized before I started planning.  You have to remember, you can only control what you think, do, and say…not what anyone else thinks, does, or says.  It may be tough to hear, but you don’t have to be involved in every, little thing.  Put a timeline, floor plan, and other definite items in place, but sometimes the more you poke your way into something, the more chaos it causes.

2. Pick vendors you trust.0027_Courtney_and_Nick_ESession_Theo_Milo_Photo

I have gone over this a little bit before, but if you choose vendors you aren’t 100% sure of, you won’t be able to relax leading up to your wedding day or on the day itself.  Micro-managing your vendors is also a no-no.  I picked my vendors, particularly my creative vendors, and are letting them do their thing.  I told them things that were important to me, my “vision” and then let them run with it.  The more constraint you put on your vendors, the less happy you will be with the result.  They are the professionals!

3. Pick colors that speak to you, but also speak to retailers!

I love the colors I’ve chosen, but geez louise, they were hard to find in the shades/tones I really desired.  The deep teal I chose for the bridesmaids dresses is so hard to match to anything else–particularly the ties.  I finally found something that went with the dresses from an online tie store, but it was a challenge to say the least!  I also found socks at Target, $3 can’t be beat!!

4. Be open-minded and ready to go with the flow!

Like I said in #1, you can’t control anything except your actions, thoughts, and emotions.  The biggest thing you can’t control is the weather and unforeseen circumstances.  You have to be willing to change plans (even if it is not what you’ve imagined it would be) at the drop of a hat because throwing a fit or getting disappointed or upset is just going to snowball.  Keep an open mind!  It will save you a bit of stress!

5. Remember who and what this wedding is about.

This wedding is about the union between 2 people.  You are marrying the love of your life.  That is the reason you are standing at the altar.  If you keep that in mind, all other problems won’t matter.  Plain and simple.

I am so excited, nervous, and just over-the-moon emotional about this weekend.  I can’t believe the day has finally come (or will in 2 days)!



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