Now that the Wedding Day is over, what can be done with all the Stuff?!


You’ve spent months, sometimes years planning, crafting, and meticulously piecing together your wedding style and decor.  At the end of the wedding night, you (or, ideally, your planners!) pack up all the table numbers, centerpieces, and other decorative elements… suddenly, you’re faced with a towering collection of things that, well, you just don’t need anymore.

All those lovely details now have no purpose in your home but the thought of throwing them away makes you cringe (for either sentimental or environmentally-conscious reasons).  Here are some resources to list, sell, and ultimately get rid of all those things you just can’t bear to toss.


1.   Tradesy

           Buy and Sell anything from Wedding Gowns to Gifts and Paper Products

2.  Ruffled Blog

          Browse for Items or by Category

          Make a posting of specific items you’re looking for

3.  100 Layer Cake

          Buy and Sell Clothing, Floral Supplies, and Decor

          Request Services and receive bids from local professionals

4.  Smart Bride Boutique

          Buy and Sell all Wedding-related Items

          Features a “Free” section to encourage Recycling


Looking to donate instead?

1.  Brides Against Breast Cancer

          Accepting donations (tax-deductible) for Wedding Gowns right now.  They may start accepting bridesmaid and flower

            girl dresses, so keep checking back!

2.  Brides for a Cause

          As a partner of Wish Upon A Wedding, Brides for a Cause donates 50% of the wedding gown’s purchase price is donated to Wish Upon a Wedding, while the remaining 50% goes towards processing and administrative fees for Brides for a Cause.


There are other ways to give back after your wedding day.  Many brides grow out their hair for the wedding, just to chop it off within weeks after the wedding!  A bit of a whacky trend but we’ve seen it many times in the past!  If you chose to start your new life with a new, short hairstyle, consider donating to Locks of Love.  Just be sure you have at least 10″ from end to end in order for Locks to make a hairpiece.


          We often get the question, “what do you do with the flowers after the wedding?”  To be quite honest, it’s often difficult to facilitate the distribution of cut flowers to hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters, while the flowers are still fresh enough to share.  There are some organizations that will help with that, like Floranthropy, a Seattle-based group that makes sure that flowers aren’t just dumped in the trash at the end of the night.  They charge a small, mileage-based fee (for drop-off and pickup expenses) but you’re left with the peace of mind that the flowers bring joy to others that otherwise wouldn’t have them.  Although it’s not a service that’s supported in all areas but hopefully we’ll have something like this in Wilmington soon!  b9ecd0c1ffbbfef112a6d95d25dd37a8

If any of you have suggestions or tips, feel free to leave comments! 

Although it’s tough to say goodbye to all the elements that made your wedding so unique, fun, and personal, you can share your love for pretty details by listing them on any of the sites above.  Weather you sell, buy, donate, or trade, it’s a win-win situation!

Happy Azalea Festival Weekend!



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