Courtney’s Wedding: What I’ve been doing!

Greetings, friends!  It has been a little while since I blogged about what has been happening with my wedding, and that’s for good reason!  Planning your own wedding while planning many other brides’ weddings can definitely be a challenge, but has given me new insight into the general planning process.  Some of the things I have been up to:

Taking my bridal portrait! The awesome and always talented, Theo Milo Photography, took my bridal portraits a couple of weeks ago at the City Club in downtown Wilmington.  The day was freezing but I really wanted the pictures to turn out as I had imagined: a bride in a white dress in a traditional venue.  I know it was something important to my family and I really wanted to have those photos for me and my family to hang up as well as a portrait to display at my reception.  Plus…I got to put on my wedding dress again!

Nailing down floral details with Kim Fisher.  My tables, linens, and floor plan remain the same, but I wanted to go over some last minute details with Kim Fisher to make sure we were on the same page.  I cannot express how excited I am to see the wedding come together!  It is so important to trust in the designer you are hiring and not micromanage every aspect of the design.  Of course, I have a vision for certain aspects of the wedding and the overall concept, but I am not going to restrict Kim’s design by asking for minute changes to the tables, bouquets, or boutonnieres.  I completely trust she is going to make my wedding gorgeous and I’m excited to have an element of surprise in my wedding!

Designing all my paper products. Sadly, our lovely graphic designer, Alexandra Carey, moved to California and couldn’t help us anymore with paper design.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to experiment and work on paper products for my wedding.  That way, I could mess around with the graphic design software and make the paper products exactly what I wanted, via trial and error.  Turns out, I’m not too shabby at paper design and we’ve begun offering that as an add-on to our clients.  Now, I’m obsessed.  I want papers out the wazoo at the wedding!0071_Courtney_and_Nick_ESession_Theo_Milo_Photo

Having a tasting with the Bald Head Island Club and Shoals Club. This was so much fun!  Nick took a day off work and we headed over to Bald Head Island, just the two of us, for a fun day of tasting and finalizing our menu.  I am so excited for the food at both the wedding and rehearsal dinner, I really think our guests are going to love it!  I’ve also decided to do some fun details for the food–but that will just have to wait until the wedding day to reveal!

My friends and family threw me 2 showers and a dinner party! It is such fun opening gifts, I must say!  I had a bridal shower with my dad’s side of the family in Salisbury, NC and a mini shower with my junior league buddies in Wilmington.  They were so sweet to put that together for me, I feel loved!  My family and friends also put together a dinner party hosted at my mom’s friend’s home a couple weekends ago and that was such fun!  There were a bunch of people who are attending the wedding, so it was a mini preview of the fun chaos that will be my wedding!

Writing Thank You notes. This is something I have been (trying) to keep a tight grip on.  I think it is really important to send thank you notes as soon as possible after you receive a gift to acknowledge  you received the gift and also to express your appreciation to the giver.  Nowadays, I hear a lot that thank you notes aren’t sent to gift givers and that is completely ridiculous!  I have been trying to send them out within a week of receiving a gift, but as we are getting closer to the wedding (20 days!), that hasn’t been happening as much.  But never fear, Thank You notes will be sent!

Overall, the stress level really isn’t any higher than what I normally experience (is that good or bad?!) in my everyday life.  While I want my wedding to have lots of details and some surprises and “wow factors”, I plan weddings every day.  It doesn’t seem so daunting to me to plan it myself, but I do have Kate, Sally, Shauna, and Tabatha to help with the planning.  Which is another thing–I have people ask me all the time “are you planning your own wedding?”  Hmm…I think I’ll save that one for after the wedding.




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