Hints & Tips for a Beach Wedding

Many brides imagine getting married on a beach.  Crashing waves, sea air, and warm, sunny breezes are right up your alley.  The beach can definitely be one of the most beautiful and romantic places to get married, but not without it’s ups and downs.

Your Veil: Who doesn’t love a wispy veil blowing in the wind?  If you are going to have a veil, consider doing a short veil (shorter than fingertip length) or do away with one.  There is a constant breeze on the beach, which can sometimes work to your benefit, but also can make your veil go crazy!

Your Hair: Long, curly, flowy hair can be very romantic on your wedding day, but consider the wind.  On the same token as the veil, it can turn into a knotted mess by the end of the ceremony.  Your maid of honor can also tuck your veil into the back of your dress should it be whipping around.  I would recommend doing an updo that won’t move much so you don’t have any worries during the ceremony.


Onlookers: Unless you are on a private beach or your own private island, this is something you’ll have to get used to.  Everyone loves a wedding and if they are nearby, you can guarantee they will be nosy posies and watch your ceremony!

Shoes: Having your toes in the sand is half the fun of getting married on the beach–skip the shoes for yourself and wedding party!

Parking: My suggestion is to have your guests park at your reception location and you provide for a trolley or other transportation to your ceremony and then back to the reception after the ceremony.  The other alternative is to allow your guests to park street side or in a public parking lot, but remind them to get there early to allow for searching for spots!

The Weather: As a beach bride, I would guess you are an easy going person, so you might have to be that way with the weather!  Chances are, your beach location does not allow for tents or any other kind of structure to protect guests from the wind or rain, so make sure you have a backup plan!

Happy planning!





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