Wedding Websites: Resources, Etiquette, and More!

Looking for a way to keep your guests and wedding party in the loop for your wedding day?  Wedding websites provide the perfect forum to list information about your wedding, like wedding day logistics, accommodations, travel directions, local attractions, or even RSVP responses and meal selections!  There are a ton of sites out there that offer easily customizable templates that make it a piece of cake to set one up.  My top three favorites are…

1.  Wedding JoJo

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.22.57 PM

2.  MyWedding

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.23.45 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.30.55 PM

*My Wedding offers website templates that match invitation design from sites like Minted, Postmark (Evites only), Wedding Paper Divas, Exclusively Weddings, Storkie, and Papeterie (who also donates 5% of all proceeds to charity).

3.  Wedding Wire

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.41.52 PM

Each website has their pro’s and con’s so take some time to go through each to see which one is the best match for what you need.  I really love the fact that My Wedding offers templates that match designs offered for invitations.  It’s just one more way to reinforce your design palette and set the stage for your wedding day!

You can use your website (sometimes called Wedsites…how perfect!) for listing any information your guests may need from you prior to the wedding day.  Feel free to utilize the website however you’re most comfortable.  Some people prefer to keep all wedding day details on inclusion or detail cards sent with the invitation for a more formal feel.  Others want to have as much information “out there” as possible to avoid pesky emails and phone calls from guests asking the same questions.  However you choose to utilize the site, it will prove to be helpful in organizing your guest information.

For those who want to use a wedding website but may be uneasy with the informality of it all, here are a couple tips to keep things classy (borrowed from my favorite etiquette guru, Emily Post):

–  RSVP Management:  Add a line at the bottom of your reply card (included with your printed invitation) to indicate your guests can reply on the wedding website.  This gives them the option of sending in the reply card or simply visiting your wedding website.  Be sure to keep the wedding website off the invitation itself, though, as it seems very informal.

– Personal Story:  Some couples love sharing their love story with anyone willing to lend an ear.  Others, not so much.  If you’re not comfortable having the story of how you met, your first kiss, and when you knew the other was The One for you, published for all to see, just leave it out.  Keep it simple!  Those closest to you will know the story anyway, right?

-Easy on the Gift Registries:  With registries now offering a way to “donate” to your honeymoon, cash registries, and large items like boats and appliances, it can quickly get out-of-hand.  Offer a couple links to your bigger registries and leave it at that.  It can seem a little greedy if you have several gift registries and little else about the wedding.  Be sure to keep it balanced!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 2.14.26 PM

After the wedding, the wedding website can be a forum for your guests to post photos of the wedding day and write you notes on your virtual guest book.  Wedding websites can offer you as little or as much help with your wedding day as you choose, so check them out!


Have a great weekend!



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