Courtney’s Wedding: The Colors

What’s one of the first questions people asks you is “what are your colors?”  Well…I’m here to tell you my style, colors, and overall look of my wedding, without being too specific!  Again, I need to have some surprises!  So here it goes…


Deep Teal: This is the color of my bridesmaids dresses and one of my main colors.  I really didn’t want navy blue bridesmaids dresses simply because it is such a standard nowadays at weddings.  I wanted something that would compliment any skin tone or hair color–I am lucky to have a redhead in the wedding!  Gray bridesmaids dresses I thought would wash everyone out and wouldn’t look great in photos.

54113632993310777_cfu6xI6R_bSoft Blue: This is my absolute favorite color (sorry mom, I’ve moved on from pink)!  I have it in my living room and it can be beachy or

traditional or so many other styles.  Personally, I am more of a traditional contemporary style with hints of girly.  I’m trying to incorporate that into my wedding and this light blue is perfect!


Coral Pink: I know, I know, it’s everywhere nowadays.  However, this pink is not pastel in any way.  Nick, my fiance, hates pastels…he always says it reminds him of an old grandma.  Well, that is not always the case, but I am happy to go with brighter colors!  It is the pop of color I’m wanting from the flowers and other details.

26669822763028552_wgkVUXGI_cCharcoal Gray: This is going to be the color of the groomsman suits and Nick’s suit.  I’m also incorporating silver glitter in my accessories (like my Tom’s shoes) and some other silver accents to the reception.

I also have some accent colors that are in the flowers, accessories, and overall theme: sunshine yellow, succulent green, and ivory!

What are your colors?

-Courtney Shaver

2 thoughts on “Courtney’s Wedding: The Colors

  1. Courtney – I’m also getting married in Wilmington (@Balcony) on April 20th and I’ve been following the blog posts about your wedding. I think it is so funny we have ended up with the pretty much the exact same color palette, including succulents, hints of yellow, and the charcoal tuxes. I am using seagrass chargers – so I also have some beige/champagne accents thrown in there too. I can’t wait to see your pictures and how everything comes together. Best of luck during the last stretch of planning!

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