Planning your wedding with Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee.  Since it’s inception, Pinterest and I have become great friends.  It’s a give-and-take of inspirations, constantly evolving with the newest trends.  With all of its capabilities, Pinterest has proven to be a great tool for what we do on a daily basis for our brides… inspire!  Bouquet

What are the benefits of planning your wedding with Pinterest?  Why, I thought you’d never ask!
Here are some main points:

  • Make Connections:  Many wedding professionals have made Pinterest-marketing a part of their daily routine, which is great news for you! Hop onto Pinterest to search your local photographers, event designers, florists, graphic designers, and event rental companies to see what they’re all about.  Once you “follow” your favorite wedding professionals, you will have their latest work channeled right to you!  Every time you sign on, you’ll see the latest and greatest from each professional you’re following, and you have the ability to “pin” the photos you find most inspiring to your own Pinterest boards.
  • Organize your Wedding Aesthetic:  We’ve seen it a million times.  You have binders filled with magazine pages and loose pictures of everything from fabric samples to boutonnieres but no clear idea of what the wedding will look like.  Pinterest offers a great solution without limiting the photos you love.  With a seemingly unlimited amount of boards you can fill with pictures, it’s essential to categorize them.  Make separate boards for your wedding party attire, flower design, wedding dress, accent decor items, lighting, signature cocktails, or any other aesthetic element that is important to you.  From there, you can pin pictures you find lovely directly to the category, allowing you to fine-tune each category with ease.  Go through each board, making sure to comment on why you like the picture.  Once you’re done, you’ll see a focused design concept. This helps communicate your vision to any wedding professional you work with.
  • Collaboration:  Pinterest is not only great for collaborating with your wedding vendors but also with your family, friends, and the wedding party.  There’s no doubt that friends and families tend to ask a lot of questions before the wedding.  What are your colors?  What dresses will your bridesmaids wear?  What will the flowers look like?  Instead of having to answer the same question dozens of times, you can direct them to your Wedding Board.  They can get an idea of what you’re planning without having to go into too much detail.  It also provides the opportunity for your family and friends to make comments on your pins.  Opinions from a lot of people aren’t always the easiest part of the planning process, and can often create uncomfortable and unnecessary tension.  Pinterest is a neutral place where everyone put in their two-cents without it getting heated.  Creating a board just for the wedding party attire is a great way to make sure your maids and men know what they’re supposed to be wearing and where to find it.  Don’t want everyone up in your business?  Create a private board and only invite those you want to see it.

Although Pinterest is a great way of finding inspirations and keeping your ideas in a central, easily shared location, it can also work against you.  A couple tips for using Pinterest without getting overwhelmed:

  • Keep an open mind when searching for inspiration.  If you like an image, pin it to the appropriate board with a description of why you like it.  I like the color…the fabric on the sofa…the ambiance of the candlelight…the shape of the floral arrangement.  Knowing why you like it is a huge help when narrowing down your vision to a concise, cohesive design plan.
  • Keep a realistic expectation when you say “I want exactly that!” about any picture.  It’s important to dream…and dream big!  Just be careful when you see an image and it gets stuck in your head.  Although most things on Pinterest can be sourced, created, or ordered, it’s not always a possibility, however, based on your budget, and the resources available to you.  Also consider that a good photographer can make even the most “crafty” item look professionally-made so beware of pictures from “successful” DIY projects that don’t come out quite like the image you pinned.


Keep dreaming about that perfect wedding day and let Pinterest help!  Remember:  “A wedding is a party, not a performance.  If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.”  ( Found on Pinterest!)

– Kate


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