Courtney’s Wedding: My Wedding Dress!

I have said Yes! to the dress!!  I purchased my dress at a store in Raleigh, North Carolina–Victorian Rose Bridals.  They have such a great selection and really so many quality dresses to choose from.  I started out shopping for bridesmaids dresses and suddenly found a dress, in the window, that I just had to try on!  I knew immediately this was the one!  I ordered it in my size and waited patiently for it to come in.

In December, my dress came in and I was SO excited to try it on!  My mother and I went to Victorian Rose Bridals and when I saw the dress, I couldn’t contain my excitement!  I have been dreaming about this dress for so many months!  I couldn’t wait to put it on and when I did–I was completely in awe!  It is truly the perfect dress for me!  It wouldn’t be fair to show you my dress, right?  That kind of secret needs to wait until the wedding day.  However, I will post some pictures of dresses I’m liking!  : )

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The purpose of this post was to talk about dos and don’ts of going wedding dress shopping.

DO: Bring a strapless bra and/or chicken cutlets

Bridal salons have bras you can wear, but it really is best to bring something that fits you.  Most brides go without a bra on their wedding day, but in order to get an accurate size, you really need to bring something you fit into.  You could always bring the stick on boobs, or as I call them, “chicken cutlets” as well if you choose, but either way, bring something of yours!

DON’T: Bring too many people

It really is a terrible idea to bring more than 1-3 people…especially people outside of your wedding party.  If you bring too many people, you also bring their opinions, thoughts, and judgments.  Best stick with 1-3 people who’s opinion you trust.  You will get overwhelmed fast and it will cloud your opinion of how you envisioned your wedding day!

DO: Keep an open mind

Most brides flip through magazines trying to find THE dress, then bring that magazine into the salon to try on that dress, but really never end up leaving with it.  The best strategy is to go to a dress shop, have the sales people pick out dresses for you in your price range and try it on.  You might have some opinion, but seeking out that perfect dress rarely, if ever, ends up looking like you thought it would on you.

DON’T: Try on a dress out of your budget

If you have a steadfast budget, say $2,000, do not try a dress on outside of that budget unless you are really prepared to spend that much.  Chances are, you will fall in love with it and no dress will ever compare to it.  Either stick to that budget or be prepared to spend more!

That’s all for now, until next time…

Courtney Shaver


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