Save or Splurge?

It’s that time of year again, engagement season!  Er…the holiday season!  Almost every weekend, we have new friends getting engaged and as it happens more and more, we are asked questions on where to spend your money.  So, on that topic, I’m going to go over some of my “saves” and “splurges” to give you a better idea of what things to put more money into and what to save for other necessities.

SAVE: Dining Table Linens

Your guests will be sitting at the dining tables for a little while, but most people won’t notice that it is a hand sewn italian silk linen or a standard solid linen with a stunning centerpiece and a beautiful patterned napkin!  Save some money here and go with a simple linen and use the rest of it on other table decor.

SPLURGE: Cocktail Table Linens

Instead of spending your money on 15-20 dining table linens, spend it on 4-8 cocktail tables to surround your dance floor and during cocktail hour.  You can spend a little more money here and still make a great impact and impress your guests.

SAVE: Shoes for the bride

Yes, we all want Kate Spade shoes, but frankly I think it is ridiculous to spend $325 on a pair of shoes for a day that you may not wear again.  Ok–we can all make the argument that you could wear them again, but they were $325!  The shoes I bought are sparkly and glittery, but were $50 from  Save that extra $275 and use it somewhere else!

SPLURGE: Bride’s bouquet

This is something you’ll keep with you all day and it will be in every picture of you in your wedding dress.  Get something that accentuates your style and is stunningly beautiful!

SAVE: Bridal Accessories

Unless you plan on borrowing jewelry for your “something borrowed,” it’s completely unnecessary to spend a fortune on your wedding day jewelry.  I will be buying Cubic Zirconia jewelry from a wholesaler, spending only about $150 on a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.  Any more and you need to find a friend who you can borrow jewelry from!



Some venues are worth the cost.  If they have a high impact view, awesome architecture, or are at a destination location–you’re good!  You won’t have to put too much work into making the venue beautiful because it has these awesome features!

SAVE: Favors

Ok this one I think you can do away with these altogether.  If you decide you HAVE to have favors, I’d do something your guests can eat, like a candy bar or even a late night snack of pretzels or sliders.


This is a no brainer.  What do most people remember about weddings?  The fun!  If the DJ or band is terrible, that’s what your guests will remember!  Get a well-established DJ or band and you won’t be sorry!  I don’t care that your uncle Bobby has a nice computer and cool speakers…that won’t cut it!

SAVE: Invitations & Papers

I know it sounds weird, but you do not need fancy gold & letterpress invitations.  It is a luxury and can be stunning, but it is not a necessity!  We have a great graphic designer and can make custom invitations, save the dates, menus, and other paper products that can add life to your wedding day!  Letterpress will drain your budget!

SPLURGE: Photographer

DUH!  These images you will live with for the rest of your life!  You want to go with a photographer who takes great pictures and has a great reputation in your community!  Same as the DJ/Band…your aunt who has a nice Canon camera is not an acceptable photographer!  Just say no!

That’s all for now, hope I’ve helped!

Courtney Shaver

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