Giving Thanks

As grooms and brides return from their honeymoons as husbands and wives, the final task of the wedding awaits them. Sending notes of gratitude to the wedding guests who thoughtfully chose a gift for your new life together should be on the top of your priority list after the wedding is over. Far too many couples either procrastinate this task or ignore it altogether; leaving unsettled gift-givers regretting their efforts for the unappreciative newlyweds.

To show guests how much you cherish their support of your new life together, the best thing to do is to make a realistic goal for sending your “thank-yous”. In order to send the notes within a tasteful time frame, you should plan on giving yourselves about 6-8 weeks after your wedding day to write and send each card. By giving yourselves a realistic “goal number” of notes to write each week, you will find that the task can be accomplished with thoughtfulness and endearment. It might take a few cozy “wine nights” to get through the note writing, but it really is the least you can do for those who mattered most on that special day.

After you select the stationary or custom thank-you card that you’d like to send out, the next step to writing any thoughtful note is to keep it sincere and personalized. For example, if you were given a check or cash, make sure that you describe the ways that you plan to use that money and thank them for their generosity. If you were given something from your registry, thank them for the gift they gave you (include the exact name of the item) and mention how you plan to use it. Thoughtfully writing each card will ensure that each guest has a positive memory of your wedding day and a great impression of your new life together.

Most importantly, thank each guest for being a part of your wedding day and end the note with a personal message of love. Your guest will be impressed with your thoughtfulness and will appreciate that your note that was hand-written just for them.




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