Plan A & B, but what about Plan C?

With Hurricane Sandy whirling through a popular October Saturday for weddings, we find ourselves resorted to Plan C.  It’s important to make some plans that allow for inclement weather.  Most brides make plan A, obviously, and probably a plan B.  Usually plan B consists of a tent or some other covered area, but what happens with 20 mph winds and rain?  Thats when you need the plan C.  Here are some of the options to consider when planning for weather if your wedding is outside:

A tent:  This one is obvious.  Most rental companies allow you to put a tent on your rental order (especially if you are ordering other things from them) and you call a couple days before the wedding to tell them whether or not you need it.  A company we use quite a bit in

Wilmington does not charge a cancellation fee as long as it’s outside of 2 weeks or if you are ordering other items from them (like tables and chairs).  You can also add sidewalls to your tent in the event it is cold or getting a little bit of rain.

An indoor location: Whether your original location has an indoor spot or you reserve another venue as a backup plan, you need to make sure you actually like the plan B and C.  It is definitely important to have this indoor option, but it should be just as beautiful as the original plan.  Otherwise, you will feel bummed out and upset if you don’t like the venue!

Ignore it: Sometimes, if the weather isn’t that bad…or it hasn’t started raining yet…we risk it.  We’ve definitely been on the beach with rumbling clouds behind us and waiting for the rain, but it held out!

Be sure when you are planning for backup plans, that you like the rain plan!  If you don’t like it or you ignore making a rain plan altogether, you are setting yourself up for failure.  So, make a plan…and one that you like!

For more help making wedding (or rain) plans, contact us today!



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