Vendor Spotlight: Inkspot Crow Films

We always consider ourselves lucky when we get the chance to work with MacKenzie and Philip Henry of Inkspot Crow Films.  Recently, we had the unique opportunity to spend some quality time with the husband-wife cinematography team and their new adorable baby, Pax, while working together on a wedding on Bald Head Island.   As we chatted, MacKenzie mentioned how great it is working with us (or planners in general – but I’ll take the compliment!) for the benefit of getting better footage.  Intrigued by her comment, I asked her to elaborate.  After conferring with Philip to get the answer just right, MacKenzie further explained:

“There are a few things every couple can consider while wedding planning which will maximize their investment in wedding cinema. While setting plays a huge role (good, natural light versus a poorly lit ballroom for instance) the timeline of the day is also a key factor in helping your wedding filmmaker capture everything he/she needs to create an artistic wedding film. 

Having a well-planned timeline of the big day for your cinematographer to review and weigh in on (before the day of the wedding, hopefully!)  is crucial. This is one reason we breathe a sigh of relief when we hear a couple has hired a professional wedding planner, or at the very least, a day-of coordinator. Their experience helps to create a timeline that takes into account everything that happens behind-the-scenes (like how long we need to set up audio at a ceremony site, or how long it will take you and your fiancé to travel to the first-look location). When there is not a point-person directing and orchestrating the days’ events, this job often falls to your photographer or cinematographer.  While we love to be helpful, when we do step into this role we are then challenged with balancing both sides of our brain. And honestly, you’ve hired us for the creative sides of our brain, so we want to keep those running all day long!” 

I must admit, as a planner and day-of coordinator, I didn’t think we had that big of an impact on the quality of footage gathered during a wedding.  MacKenzie and Philip are not what you might imagine cinematographers to be.  First of all, they’re cinematographers, not videographers.  They don’t just create a film, they take the special moments from your wedding day and create a narrative of your love story.  You don’t simply watch their wedding films, you relive the wedding day through their perspective.  If you’re lucky enough to have Philip and MacKenzie capture your wedding day, you’ll have a film that transports you back to your special day every time you watch it.

Thanks again to the amazingly talented MacKenzie and Philip of Inkspot Crow for their insight to getting the most out of your cinematography!

Check out one of our faves from the Inkspot Crow Film team!  Grady & Amanda: Wedding Feature Film

Happy Weekend Everyone!



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