The Art of the Welcome Bag

The daunting task of showing your appreciation for the travel that was done, money that was spent, and time that was taken to be a part of your special day into just one favor for your wedding guests can leave even the most organized bride at a stand still. Luckily, one of the latest and greatest ways of welcoming guests to your wedding weekend can be done in more than one gift via the oh so handy welcome bag.
But what to include in the welcome bag, you might ask? The key is to include the essential ingredients your guests will need for the festivities ahead, while giving them a sneak peek into the theme you’ve planned for the big day. Here are five staples to use if you want your welcome bag done right!
#1 The bag- This can be a tote, a drawstring, a paper bag, or even a basket…but the real key is to keep it moderately priced and generic. You want the bag to be something that they can use even after your wedding has passed. For this reason, try to avoid using your monogram on the front and focus on designing it with either a cute logo or print that sticks with the theme of your event.
#2 The Cravings- Having food and drinks included in your welcome bag is a great way to take care of each guest upon arrival to your wedding weekend. Whether you choose a water bottle with a personalized label, a vintage soda bottle, or even some beer or wine to get the party started, beverages are always a nice touch that is affordable and easy to buy in bulk. You could also include a koozie that has the date and location of your wedding as a nice souvenir. For snacking, you could package custom sugar cookies that are decorated according to the theme of your wedding; include some of your favorite treats from you and your fiancé’s usual “eat-spot”; or even make something homemade. These treats will give your guests a warm welcome while offering a taste of what they can expect at your wedding!
#3 The Cheat Sheet- Having a designed, printed list of the names & locations of your favorite restaurants & bars, family- friendly shows or tours, sightseeing areas, exercise trails, and local events, will make your guests feel right at home. (Including a list of taxis and/ or directions for how to use public transportation is a nice touch as well). Having this information readily available for your guests sends the message that the weekend is not only about you and your fiancé; but that it’s also important that they have fun during their celebration with you!
#4 Destination Survival Kit- If you are expecting a lot of guests from out of town, make sure you prepare them accordingly! Having a wedding here in Wilmington? Include flip flops, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a map of our awesome city! Anything that is unique about your wedding location can be a fun thing to include that your guests will appreciate, remember, and use during the weekend.
#5 Making Memories- Including items such as a disposable camera, a burnt CD of your wedding playlist, or even an empty picture frame (that they can later fill with a picture at your wedding) not only shows them that you want them to feel welcome…but that you also want them to have a blast and make memories that will last forever!
So don’t think you just have to GIVE your guests a favor at your wedding…DO them a favor by preparing an all essential welcome bag that will sure to impress and thank all of your attendees for being a part of such a special time.




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