Courtney’s Wedding: Maids Dress Shopping

For a “Cynthia-ism”, or for those of you who don’t know any my mother’s funny sayings, I have the cart before the horse.  Or so I thought.

On Saturday, I headed to Raleigh/Cary, North Carolina to shop for some bridesmaids dresses.  We, my mom, stepsister Bryn, and I, started with Bella Bridesmaid in Cary.  They were so friendly and had a great selection!  I first liked the Two Birds Bridesmaid dresses that are like wrap-a-million-different-ways dresses like this photo.

There were, however, a couple of issues.  First, it was almost $300 for a short dress.  Second, it almost didn’t look like a bridesmaid dress.  It would be cute to have as a regular cocktail dress, but maybe wasn’t fancy enough.

We then headed to another store, which we didn’t have an appointment for and they were less than nice.  So…we moved on.  We ate lunch, then called Victorian Rose Bridals to see what kind of selections they had for bridesmaid dresses.  We also didn’t have an appointment.

As soon as we arrived, it was hard to miss the fact it jam packed with all kinds of dresses–maids, brides, mothers, flower girls, you name it.  Bryn immediately went to choosing some dresses, but I was so distracted by how many wedding gowns were hanging in the store, it was hard for me to focus.

Bryn picked out one dress from Watters, actually it was a WToo, that was so super cute, it reminded me so much of a BCBG dress I tried on in New York a couple Christmases ago, I immediately loved it.

We ordered a swatch called “teal,” even though Watters seriously needs to get a clue on color naming because it is absolutely not 

teal.  I looked it up on Sherwin-Williams and it’s a color called Rainwater…or whatever.  I took this image of the ‘maids dress that she tried on, but in the “teal”.  Cute, right?

While Bryn was changing and she and mom were eavesdropping on the other bride trying on dresses, I started wandering…yet again…to the gowns.  There were 2 dresses in the window of the store that both had, well, a unique feature.  I asked Rebecca, the adorable salesperson who was so helpful, the pricing for both of them.  Both were completely out of the budget.  The one I was most interested in was beyond what I ever could have asked for, the other was just…ehhh.  Rebecca told us a story where a bride ordered this dress and hated it, all the while Bryn was whispering “try it on, try it on!”  I thought, “what’s the big deal…it couldn’t hurt,” so Rebecca took the dress off the mannequin and brought it back to the dressing room.

I tried it on and…well I have another appointment tomorrow evening to see it again.

So maybe I didn’t have the cart before the horse…or should I say, the pumpkin before the horse.




One thought on “Courtney’s Wedding: Maids Dress Shopping

  1. Thats SO awesome Courtney!! Love those maids dresses and I cannot wait to see the pics of your big day – Just from looking at all the weddings you’ve done, I know YOURS is absolutely going to blow everyone away!!!

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