Courtney’s Wedding: It’s all about me…not

So now that we’ve set a date…the pressure is on.

Lots of wedding professionals, including our company, say “it’s your wedding!” all the time.  While I get it, frankly…that is not reality.  While, yes, it is my (and Nick’s…sorry babe), wedding, there are other factors that contribute to my decision making.  I picked Bald Head Island for a lot of reasons, but I realize it isn’t the most convenient of locations.  There are lots of obstacles in transportation, lodging, finances, etc. but I knew it would be a wedding/place/event that would be completely unforgettable.  And honestly, that was what I cared about.


I say the warning above because I’m sure my family is reading this–but it’s important to talk about issues that I know other brides can relate to.

Some decisions I made, or are going to make, are because I knew my mother/father/future family-in-law/finace/etc. would be happy.  Some decisions I made everyone wasn’t so happy with.  But–that’s how it goes.  I hear it a lot from our brides, “I did ‘xyz’ because it would make my mother/father/fiance/future mother-in-law/etc. happy.”  There is no shame in those kinds of decisions.  In fact, sometimes it makes me happy to make them happy.

The phrase “it’s your wedding!” drives me nuts.  The fact of the matter is, it is not just your wedding.  It is really the marriage of two families and it’s important to consider their opinions in your decision making.  As long as it doesn’t take away from your moment (i.e. your mother wanting to wear a white dress that is practically your wedding dress…) or potentially cause an enormous amount of stress or chaos, I don’t see the harm in making decisions for other people.

Throughout the little bit of planning we’ve done so far, I’ve realized that it is important to make the wedding comfortable for everyone.  In the end, you’ll remember the moments that you were the happiest and unhappiest.  Let’s only hope the former outnumber the latter.




2 thoughts on “Courtney’s Wedding: It’s all about me…not

  1. Very good point Court. I think finding a little joy in doing something that pleases others is a very mature and good way of looking at your wedding/life. I like your style gf.

  2. I truly believe you are spot-on. The wedding day really is so many other peoples’ opportunity to “love on you,” therefore, to consider others who have a lifetime vested in you – on “your” day – takes living and nurturing life-long relationships to the next level. Great read, thank you!

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