Courtney’s Wedding: Picking a Venue

Because Kate and I work so often within the city limits of Wilmington, NC, I was naturally, leaning towards out of town venues.  My original plan was to go with Veritas Vineyard in beautiful Wine Country, Virginia, right outside my mom’s mountain home in Wintergreen, Virginia.  The first time I went there, I thought “this is where I want to get married.”  It was stunning…as you can see below.

Photos by Elizabeth Messina and Eric Kelley.

However, it had many challenges that made having a wedding in such a remote area more undesirable than I had anticipated.  So I considered Bald Head Island.

To give a brief background, for those of you who may not know anything about Bald Head Island, the island is located about 45 minutes South of Wilmington.  It is closest to Oak Island and the ferry deports from Southport, NC, a darling little community.  It is a nature preserve, which means there are a lot of areas overgrown and full of, well, nature.  The island does not allow any personal vehicles other than golf carts and bicycles (ok, I’m sure segways are allowed…).  Getting to Bald Head Island requires a 30-minute ferry ride from Southport–but hey, as my mother would say…”it’s the beach!”

We have several weddings at Bald Head Island, but for my wedding I was immediately drawn to the Bald Head Island Club.  It has a Tommy Bahama feeling that I love.  So…we booked it!  April 20, 2013–our wedding date!

To be honest, it was a pretty easy decision.  Because I know so many venues in our area, it was easy for me to pick one and go with it.  I didn’t want to have my wedding at a venue that I’ve had numerous weddings…I just feel like I will remember my wedding day as I did with the other weddings we had there.  For some reason, the Bald Head Island Club stood out to me–can’t imagine why ; )

Bald Head Island is going to be a great location to retreat, relax, and say my undying vow to my honey.  Looking forward to sharing more on my planning!


4 thoughts on “Courtney’s Wedding: Picking a Venue

  1. I had no idea you were interested in Veritas. That’s one of my very favorite vineyards. I thought the exact same thing when I walked onto the grounds of that vineyard. I’m thinking we have pretty similar taste all around court! LoL!

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