“The List” Part 2

I guess this week is all about lists!  The previous post was about photographers and their lists.  Today, it’s about DJs.  This list situation (along with the CD situation) is very common!  We have some really great DJs in our area, and they are all about the same price point, $800 for 4 hours.  Yes, there are some that are much less than that, and many have upgrades (like lighting & other effects) that can make the total more than $800.  However, the money is well worth it.  Skimping on your DJ is like skimping on your photography.  In the end you’ll have crappy photos and your guests will only remember the crappy DJ or iPod at your wedding.  Unless, of course, that is what you want for your wedding!

Speaking of iPods, now that everything is digital and music is very easily accessed by iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify, brides seem to think that putting an iPod on an iHome dock is going to entertain their guests for hours.  Not going to happen.  An iPod simply cannot compete with the personalized attention, carefully selected music choices, and stellar speakers that a DJ has.  While an iPod has the “playlist” feature and can simply run through the music you’d like to hear, it just isn’t the same.

Now–on to the list.  I know some brides who  would like to hand their DJ a CD (or more than one) with all the songs they would like to have played at their wedding.  What is that?!  Although there are some songs that you’d rather not hear (i.e. a Do Not Play List like Kanye West), simply putting a CD into their laptop and playing it on their speakers is a lackluster way of playing the music you want and entertaining your guests.  Many of the DJs in our area don’t just make an iTunes playlist and that’s it, they mix and use their skilled ears to make music that is unique to your wedding.  I like to say that the best DJs make music so you can’t tell where one song ends and the next begins.  Beat that, iPod Touch.

With that said, I hope you will let your DJ do what he/she does best and make music and entertainment for your wedding unique to you.  Handing him/her a CD with all your favorite songs just isn’t the way to go.  Besides, not all of your guests will have your taste in music and a great DJ has an uncanny sense of his/her audience and can play what is perfect for the crowd.  So, what do you think, iPod or stellar/awesome/amazing/fun/did I say awesome DJ?

I think this video sums it up pretty well!


Courtney Shaver


Photo Credit: Keepsake Memories Photography


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