Design Boards

Now that we are gearing up for the holiday, ahem, engagement season, it might be time to talk about how we design here at Kickstand Events.  First of all, we want to make sure all of our brides have a special, one-of-a-kind, unique wedding.  I know we’ve all seen some of the same designs over and over in the wedding industry, and while it’s important to have a distinct “style”, re-creating the same wedding for different clients over and over is so 1990.  We don’t want that for our clients, nor should a bride want that for her wedding!  Hate to toot our own horn, but BEEP BEEP!

With the onomatopoeias behind us, we can talk more about how we create here at Kickstand Events.  We design all aspects of your wedding, from Floral Design, Paper Design, even down to creating custom runners (as seen on Style Me Pretty…more beeping?  Naaa)!  We like to first start with a feeling and emotion.  Do you want to have fun, dance, relax, feel romantic, what kind of emotion do you want to have on your wedding day?  Then we like to talk colors and themes.  We like to go with a light, medium, and dark tone plus a neutral (like black, brown, navy, tan, white, cream, butter, etc.  I ❤ Butter).

From there, we create Design Boards.  I’m not sure if anyone in our town creates design boards for their clients, but we make ours as short as one page to as long as 5…filled with eye candy goodness that is all about your wedding.  Next week we can show you how we took a design board into reality, just as we can for all of our clients’ weddings.  Below you’ll find some examples of our design boards!

Courtney Shaver 


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