Bouquet of the Month Series: September

Flowers can make a huge difference in the design of a wedding.  Without flowers, there isn’t really any ying or yang happening to a wedding…not to get all Fung Shui on you but it’s true!  Choosing flowers that represent you & your fiance’s personality is a great way to personalize your wedding.  In light of the fact that Kickstand does floral design for special events like weddings, we’ve started a blog series: a Bouquet of the Month series to highlight the most beautiful and best of that month, really giving you an idea of what flowers can be used in that season.

September’s bouquet was a vibrant orange, pink, sangria, and a touch of yellow.  Wow!  Talk about a pop of color!  We used hot pink garden roses, orange dahlias, latte cymbidium orchids, pink and yellow tulips, vibernum berries, & gloriosa.  Thanks to Theo Milo Photography for photographing our bouquet!


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