Wedding Gawker

Well hello everyone, long time no see!  We have been crazy with lots of new brides, weddings, engagements, you name it and I have since neglected the Kickstand blog.  Glad to be back in action.

Today’s blog post is one of my favorite websites’ sister sites.  I have been using Foodgawker for a few years.  Any time I need a little inspiration for cooking or baking or even simply making martinis, Foodgawker is the first site I go to.  You can search types of food, ethnic options, vegan and vegetarian, it’s so simple but genius.  It basically is just bloggers who post a photo of the recipe they’ve created on the site with a link back to the recipe.  It’s foodie and bloggie (not a word, I know) heaven. Foodgawker also has a sister, WeddingGawker.   They play well together and share many of the same features.  WeddingGawker is not nearly as well known as Foodgawker, but she’s getting there.  Here are a few screen shots of some of my favorites:

Love, Laughter, and Joy,

Courtney Shaver


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