Design Seeds

We hope everyone had a very relaxing and enjoyable Easter weekend!  It was such awesome weather, how could you not?!  Today’s blog post is about another new website I have come across.  So many brides I talk to at least have one color in mind but can’t really find coordinating colors or anything that doesn’t look to stark together.  The way Kickstand designs, interiors or in weddings and events, is based on hues or tones.  It’s pretty simple, really.  Choose a dark tone, a medium tone, a light tone and a neutral.  So, for example if you want to have a navy blue colored wedding, we suggest to have possibly a leaf green and a butter yellow with either a gray, white, ivory or other neutral.  There are plenty of other options for color, but as long as you have contrast without being watermelon pink with hunter green, you will create a well-balanced and cohesive design.

Now that I’ve rambled, I’m on to the point of the blog post.  Design Seeds.  Design Seeds is a website that is strictly based on color.  They have color palettes beyond the traditional and the best part, you can search by color.  This is perfect for brides who like one color, but have no idea what to possibly pair it with.  Also–they go along with our Dark, Medium, Light, Neutral theory and it just satisfies my inner control freak.

Here are some of my favorite color swatches:


Love, Laughter, and Joy,

Courtney Shaver


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