Showers and Parties

So we all know that wedding-related events are super fun and get you excited for the actual wedding day.  There are so many showers, parties and dinners, it’s hard to keep track.  Well, I’m here to tell you about some of them to possibly incorporate into your wedding planning!

Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious:

Your Engagement Party

Most people throw an engagement party to announce their engagement and show their guests what is to come.  It is customary for the bride’s family to host and throw the engagement party at any location they choose.  All of your wedding party should be invited to the engagement party and many guests bring gifts.  Some guests may bring gifts, but don’t expect for everyone to bring something for you.  Nowadays engagement parties are fairly informal and invitations are via facebook, phone calls, email or e-vite.  Design your engagement party so it is casual, fun, and informal.  Many brides choose to have their engagement party like a pig-pickin’ or a buffet rather than a plated meal.

Bridal Showers

There are essentially two “rules” to keep in mind when hosting a shower.  Number one, anyone invited to the bridal shower must be invited to the wedding.  The second is to have the shower more than 2 months away from the wedding.  Typically brides choose to register for something she wants for herself or home and guests bring gifts.

In-Law Showers

Some larger families choose to have showers for their son’s new fiance so she may meet everyone and get to know them.  This way, you can get better acquainted with his extended and long-distance family.  This also can work for you, if you’d like to throw a shower for your family to get to know your hubby-to-be!

Co-Ed Showers

Many grooms are getting more involved in the planning process and therefore would like to be included in a shower.  The co-ed shower is the best way to make sure your groom is there to take some attention for himself, too!  These showers are typically larger and many of the guests are only friends of the couple and not the families.  A barbecue or cookout is the perfect setting for a co-ed shower, allowing your guests to mingle and hang out together and possibly even play some yard games like Bocce or Cornhole!

Stock The Shelves Showers

Themed showers are gaining more popularity in the wedding parties arena.  Many themed showers are based on a particular room in your home and stock the shelves shower is perfect for your kitchen!  The host should mention on the invitation that he/she would like to stock the shelves in your kitchen!

Stock The Bar Shower

Along the same lines as the Stock The Shelves shower, the Stock the Bar shower is simply to load you up with some alcohol!  The host should make note of the type of alcohol you like: wine, beer, liquor, frozen drinks, martinis, etc. and go along with that theme.  Some couples choose to have a wine party or a martini or cocktail party instead where each guest brings one bottle of alcohol to give the couple.  I’ve even heard of couples hosting wine tasting parties with the wine that may be used at the wedding, putting a blank label on each bottle and having guests comment on which bottle they like best.  When the party is over, the most popular bottles will be served at the wedding!  So fun!

Lingerie Shower

This party is not for the shyest of friends…make sure your guest list has women who aren’t afraid of seeing bras and panties!  This one is nice to have with your closest friends, but one word of advice; I wouldn’t invite your fiance’s sister…she might feel a little weird attending a lingerie shower and thinking about her brother seeing you in those panties.

Linen Shower

Linen showers are similar to stock the shelves showers, but to stock your closets with blankets, sheets, pillowcases, towels and other linens!  Your host could ask one guest to bring laundry detergent, too!

Love, Laughter and Joy,

Courtney Shaver


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