Photographers, Second Shooters–It’s PERFECT!

It’s obvious, we are not photographers.  If anyone has ever seen our images for any of our events, you can attest to that statement.  We save the real photos for the real professionals.  I sometimes think I’m Jasmine Star and can do these fancy tricks with cameras and make some amazing images.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

All jokes aside, the number one piece of advice we can provide our brides is to invest in photography.  That is the only lasting thing you will take away from your wedding that you will be able to show your grandchildren.  Capturing moments, finding the right lighting, being ready and waiting at your special moments are exactly why you need a professional photographer.  Don’t expect for your Aunt Sally to be able to sit on the 2nd row of your ceremony and get the photos that you will be proud to show off.  Not only will a family friend or inexperienced non-professional most likely not have a high quality camera, they may not be able to provide the images you will want to blow up in a 50 x 75 print.  Ok, I’m exaggerating, who has an image that large?  I digress.

Expect to spend at least $2,500 for a quality photographer who will be able to provide exactly what you want.  Weddings cost money, it’s a simple fact that sometimes people forget to acknowledge.  Set $2,500 aside for a perfect photographer.

On that note, your perfect photographer will most likely include a second shooter, or an assistant to get you alternate shots.  It is so important to have a second shooter in addition to your perfect photog.  One photographer can be at the end of the aisle getting the big picture and the other can be close up to you and your soon-to-be DH (yes, darling husband) to get every emotion.  See?  It’s PERFECT.

Love, Laughter, and Joy,

Courtney Shaver


2 thoughts on “Photographers, Second Shooters–It’s PERFECT!

  1. Thanks for the insight! You are very right, those images will be one of the few material things that will go with from that most important day!

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