NC Name Change Information

Related to our last post, this one is about changing your name.  Not everyone wants to change their name to their new spouse’s last name for personal reasons (we will leave that for another post!).  However, here’s what you need to do in the state of North Carolina to change your name:

  1. Wait 10 days after your ceremony has been completed and request a certified copy of your marriage license. This means once you have the ordained minister and witnesses sign your marriage license, you must go to your local register of deeds and request a certified copy.  Certified copies are $10 each.
  2. Visit your local Social Security office with the certified copy of your marriage license to officially change your name on your Social Security Card.  This should be done before you change your name on your license.
  3. Change your name on your license.  Go to your local DMV with proof of the name change with your new Social Security card and your old license.

Easy enough, right?  Just make sure to change your name on the Social Security card first!

Love, Laughter, and Joy,

Courtney Shaver


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