>Your Love Story


   When creating your inspiration board, its important to gather influences from within your own life and the life you’ve created with your fiancee. Even long after you are married, people will always want to hear the story of how you first met and more importantly, how you got engaged. 
Usually, the spot chosen for popping the question is no trivial location. It was chosen for a reason, whether it be the first place you kissed, or your spot at the beach where you carved your initials in a bench. Wherever you got engaged, the significance of the place is meant to enhance the impact of the ultimate question: Will you marry me? 
Not only is it to be remembered by the both of you for the rest of your lives, but if its the perfect spot, a ‘yes’ is thus guaranteed. 
If your man did his homework and knocked you off your feet when he proposed, why not give him some credit and draw inspiration from where it all started?
Provence, France
This couple met in Paris during a study abroad program and took a weekend trip to Provence…
Four years later, they were married where their love story began.
Photo Credit: FranceVacationVilla.com, OneandOnlyParisPhotography via Style Me Pretty

Where did your story begin?

Until Tomorrow,
Kate Matthies

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