>Get Inspired by Great Interior Design

>I love interior design.  I get a lot of inspiration from non-wedding related things, mostly housing and interior design.  I have so many favorite websites and catalogs that I look through to get some great ideas.  It is really a great way to discover your personal style as well as design your wedding.

Today I’m going to do a similar blog post to yesterday and share some websites that you can browse to get some ideas.  Martha Stewart does have great ideas, but we’re going to branch out and show you some other sites to feast your eyes on.

Get inspiration from bathroom design, textures, colors, wallpaper, furniture, molding, you name it…you’ll be able to find it on these sites.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
Courtney Shaver









2 thoughts on “>Get Inspired by Great Interior Design

  1. >Great Blog! I absolutely love event planning and design and get a ton of my inspiration from interior design. Among the many wedding magazine's I own I have just as many interior decor ones. I'm moving from WI to Wilmington this Spring..I hope I'm able to run into you ladies sometime!

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