>Design by Fabric

>I’ll admit, I’m a total fabric junkie.  I remember walking through my grandmother’s magical sewing room as a kid and feeling as if I were in a different world.  From felt to silk I learned at an early age to appreciate how the texture of fabrics, the warmth of wools, and the crisp airiness of linen can transform the feeling of a room.  The fabric store is a place I frequent looking for new patterns, color combinations, and textures to incorporate into a design.  

Take a walk through Joann Fabric or local fabric store and grab swatches that catch your attention.  When you get home sift through what you picked up and look for a trend.  Are you attracted to geometric shapes and stark color contrasts of a modern print?  Or are you overwhelmed with the tranquility of an ice blue silk with a sleek sheen?  You can often find the style you’re looking for based on the fabrics you choose.  

The board I put together features a bed linen from Urban Outfitters.  I find the swooping pattern lines and complementary color scheme exciting and fresh…perfect for a summer bash.  What do you think?

Until tomorrow,
Kate Matthies

Tomorrow’s post will feature more boards based on a variety of fabrics… see you then!


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