>Design by Fabric, Part II – Inspiration Boards

>We’re back today with a couple more inspiration boards for you.  We took three fabrics with unique qualities and showed how the pattern and color could be interpreted and worked into a cohesive design.  We have a more contemporary damask pattern that incorporates a deep blue, a feminine lace-based board, and a traditional wool tartan.  All three feature a different color scheme, pattern, and variation in texture.

When you base a design around fabric, be sure to think about each element to the fabric.  Look to the colors, shapes, and weight of the fabric in order to build a comprehensive design.  Further, you don’t have to use EVERY element of the fabric.  As you can see, for example, the wool tartan is a visually heavy fabric but when paired with bright complementary colors and light textured fabrics, the overall feel is light and fresh.

Until tomorrow,
Kate Matthies

Sapphire Blue Damask
Modern twist to a traditional pattern

Photos: Waverly, Erik Ekroth, The Knot, Heather Saunders Photography, Jasmine Star Photography, Wedding Cakes Pictures Blog, Suzy Clement Photography

Lovely Lace
Delicate & Soft

Photos by: Martha Stewart Wedding, Vineyard by Priscilla of Boston, MS Wedding, Junebug Weddings, 
Azzura Photography, Erin Hearts Court, MS Weddings

Masculine and fresh
Photos by: The Knot, Z Media Photography, Linda Clifford, Ricky Chung Photography, Kickstand Events,  Jubilee Lau Events

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