>Colors of Emotion Part II – Inspiration Boards

>We put together a couple color-inspired boards for you to check out.  As you look at them take note of which colors speak to you.  Do the blues soothe your anxious nature?  Do the reds evoke your passionate side?  Or does the happiness of the yellow remind you of warm sun and cool breezes?  Make a note in your design journal of which colors caught your eye first and which kept your attention.  


Until Tomorrow, 
Kate Matthies

Invigorating, freshness, happiness, attraction, and joy

Passion, romance, sophistication, sensuality, and desire

Photos: Elizabeth Messina, Ericuys.com, Atelierjoya.com, Melissa Jill, Belli Fiori, CELESTE STUDIOS Film & Video, The Knot, Vallentyne Photography

Stability, trust, loyalty, truth, and tranquility


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