>Colors of Emotion


As you build your wedding design you may find yourself wondering where to start. We believe the fundamental design element that has the most emotional impact is the color scheme, so let’s begin with that.  Just as interior designers paint bedrooms blue to soothe or incorporate red into a home office for energy and inspiration, you can manipulate the feeling of your wedding – the emotion you portray to your guests – through color.
Suppose you’re having an evening ceremony in the same church your grandmother and mother were married and hope to instill a sentiment of intimacy, romance, and classic tradition. You may be tempted to base your color scheme on your favorite shades of electric blue and tangerine.  Resist that impulse! Think about where your wedding will take place and remember you chose the location for a reason. 
Complement the richness of dark wooden pews, rustic charm of the exposed brick walls and masculine black wrought iron chandeliers by working with a more feminine color scheme and soft textures that evoke that sense of classic romance.  You can create a feminine feel by balancing the “heavy” elements (dark wood, black iron, and brick) with a blush pink, ivory, and black accent color palette.  
Come back tomorrow for more emotion-based inspiration boards! 
Kate Matthies

Classic Romance
Color Palette: Blush Pink, Ivory and Black
Lush peonies, rosettes, and pearls complement the masculine black accents to create a soft balance.


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