>30 Days of Inspiration!


Inspiration can come from anywhere, but if you’re not easily inspired or need a push in the right direction while designing your wedding…you’ve come to the right place! Kickstand Events is launching a 30-Days of Inspiration blog series, starting today! We will give you the ins-and-outs on finding inspiration, coming up with a color scheme, “naming” your designs, building inspiration boards and much more!

Every day, for 30 days, we will be either discussing and describing one of our inspiration topics or giving you a lot of eye candy! Every day will have a different inspiration board, compiled and crafted by Courtney & Kate.

Our objective for this series is to help you better understand how you can make your wedding personal and have that extra excitement that makes your day all that more memorable. We would love to participate in the design of your wedding, but we also want to give you the know-how and tools to go it alone! We want the design of your wedding to be as “you” as possible. We hope that the tools we give you through out the 30 Days of Inspiration will allow you to create a design that is from your heart and that speaks to you and your fiancee as a couple. Divine inspiration is drawn from what you love, what catches your eye, and what brings you back to the moment where you knew you had found your soulmate. Make your big day your own and have fun!
Kate Matthies & Courtney Shaver


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