Pamela and Jonathan 03.15.2014

It felt so good to be back at the Brooklyn Arts Center for one of our first events of the Spring wedding season! We had the privilege of working with some of our favorite vendors while ushering in the marriage of one of the best couples! Their contemporary purple and gray color scheme created a clean, organic design that was beautifully complimented by lush blooms with bursts of purple and white. The indoor circle ceremony was an exciting, unique twist that allowed for an intimate setting among candlelight, and a backdrop of chandeliers and an inviting lounge area. Thanks to Theo Milo Photography for these amazing images that reflect Pamela and Jonathan’s beautiful celebration! It was such an honor to be a part of this special day!


0620 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0049 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0043 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0108 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0624 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0192 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0625 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0630 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0358 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0635 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0637 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0347 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0640 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0641 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0644 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

0645 Pam and Jon-Theo Milo Photo

Thank you to all of the vendors who helped us bring this event to life at the Brooklyn Arts Center:

Catering: Culinary Creations

Rentals: RentATent

Photography: Theo Milo Photography

DJ: Active Entertainment

Officiant: Kevin Martin

Hair Styling: Kelly McLaurin

Make-up: Maari Wohlhueter

Bar: Lighthouse Beer and Wine

Lighting: Wilmington Uplighting

Cake: Katy Gunderson

Floral Design, Event Design, Paper Design & Planning: Kickstand Events


Happy Azalea Festival Weekend!

-Sally, Kate & Courtney


Courtyards and Cobblestones 2014

Courtyards and Cobblestones is only one month away and we are so excited about the new changes that this year’s showcase has to offer local brides and grooms “to-be”! The self-guided walking tour is the perfect way for engaged couples to explore all of historic downtown Wilmington’s most premiere venues, while mingling with local industry professionals. From florists and event designers to photographers and bakers—this tour provides all couples with the opportunity to meet the vendors who can bring their wedding day dreams to life!

Each beautiful venue will be showcased from 4pm-8pm so that attendees may get a realistic, inspirational vision of what each venue offers as an event space. Flowers, lighting, rentals, photos, music, lite bites, and creative décor elements, will dazzle each space as a reflection of each venue team’s unique vision for an exemplary wedding.

Bring your friends, family, and fiancé and get ready for a festive opportunity to spend time with some of Wilmington’s most talented wedding professionals! We’re so excited to meet you there!


This year, we are thrilled to be showcasing 128 South alongside:
-Scott Piner Photography
-DJ Brian Hood
-Party Suppliers & Rentals
-High Performance Lighting
-POMP Event Furnishings
-Imaginary Cakes
-Wed on Canvas
-The Soapbox Photo & Video Booth
-The British Taxi

Buy your tickets here!

-Sally, Kate, Courtney

Kristen & Jeff 05.18.2013

This weekend, as we are gearing up for Sally’s big wedding day (Saturday), I wanted to give everyone some eye candy to hold you over!  This one comes from Bald Head Island at the Shoals Club with the always talented Scott Piner Photography.  I’m telling you, this day could not have been more gorgeous!  The purple flowers and her southern style really makes for a unique and beautiful wedding day!

scottpiner_20130518_17 scottpiner_20130518_18 scottpiner_20130518_19 scottpiner_20130518_20 scottpiner_20130518_23 scottpiner_20130518_24 scottpiner_20130518_25 scottpiner_20130518_27 scottpiner_20130518_30 scottpiner_20130518_33 scottpiner_20130518_34 scottpiner_20130518_35 scottpiner_20130518_37 scottpiner_20130518_38 scottpiner_20130518_41 scottpiner_20130518_46 scottpiner_20130518_48 scottpiner_20130518_50 scottpiner_20130518_52 scottpiner_20130518_57 scottpiner_20130518_58 scottpiner_20130518_59 scottpiner_20130518_61 scottpiner_20130518_63 scottpiner_20130518_67 scottpiner_20130518_71 scottpiner_20130518_74 scottpiner_20130518_76 scottpiner_20130518_77 scottpiner_20130518_79 scottpiner_20130518_86

Alyssa & Dan 08.10.2013

What a beauty this wedding was!  Bald Head Island is one of my very favorite places on earth (mostly because I got married there, winky face) and this wedding just reminded me of how magical it really is!  Alyssa and Dan were married at the Bald Head Island Chapel and partied all night long at the Shoals Club.  Special thanks to Keepsake Memories Photography for the amazing pictures!

bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-6 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-8 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-9 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-10 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-11 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-12 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-13 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-14 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-16 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-30 bald-head-island-nc-destination-wedding-photographers-31 keepsake-memories-photography-2-21 keepsake-memories-photography-2-22 keepsake-memories-photography-2-23 keepsake-memories-photography-2-31 keepsake-memories-photography-2-32


Vendor Spotlight: One Belle Bakery!


Daniel and Anna are the masterminds behind One Belle Bakery, one of our all-time favorite bakers here in Wilmington!  Creative, innovative, and delicious, their cakes, cupcakes, and assorted desserts never disappoint!  Their brand-new space is the perfect example of how they work  – clean, efficient, and totally innovative.  From the moment you walk in the front door, you’re greeted as if you had just walked through your own front door.  Smiling faces, gleaming kitchen, and the tantalizing smell of freshly-baked goodies.  If you’re interested in cakes or desserts for your next special event, be sure to schedule a consultation in their adorable, cozy new conference room!

photo copy 2

Amid their crazy wedding schedule and grand-opening, Anna and Daniel found some time to answer some frequently asked questions for us.  Read their responses below!

1.  How do you price your cakes? By the slice? Does the cost vary depending on the design and flavors I choose?

Our wedding cakes are priced by the slice.  The cost depends on the overall design and intricacy of the wedding cake.  We do not charge extra for “premium” flavors because we think all of our cakes are equally as delicious and you should be able to choose what you and your guests eat without paying extra.

For tradition’s sake, if you’d like to save your top tier of cake for your 1st anniversary we do not charge you for that.  It is a “Happy 1st Anniversary” present from One Belle Bakery!  We provide you with a box and detailed freezing instructions to make sure your cake tastes just as delicious as it did on your wedding day.

2.  What is your minimum per-person cake cost?

Most wedding cakes do not go below $4.50 per slice.  We realize that not every bride has an unlimited budget and we pride ourselves in trying to work with each couple to create the wedding cake of their dreams without putting them over budget.

3.  Do you provide or rent cake toppers, a cake-cutting knife, cake stands, etc.? What are the fees?

Because each cake topper is unique to each wedding cake, we do not provide toppers and instead ask that the bride select and provide one of her choosing. We also do not provide cake-cutting knifes.  We do, however, provide cake stands.  Every cake deserves a beautiful stand to complete the look.  Sometimes the stand can make all the difference in table scape and pictures!  We are happy to provide stands for our brides free of charge, as long as they are returned immediately following the reception.

4.  How far in advance should I order my cake?

Although we’d love to have events designed around the cake we realize it’s not the norm.  The cake is usually designed to match the other details of the night.

As certain months and dates of the year tend to fill up quickly, it is never too early to get on our calendar.  With that being said, we recommend you narrow down a few details before setting up a cake consultation with us. By the time we sit down, it’s helpful if you have a good feel for your number of guests as well as your ceremony and reception details.  Colors, flowers, linens, and lighting are all useful pieces of information when we begin designing the look of your wedding cake.

5.  How long have you been in business?

We officially launched One Belle Bakery at the Courtyards & Cobblestones wedding event in January of 2013.

6.  How many weddings have you done?

Since our launch in January, we have done over 100 wedding cakes, over 75 grooms cakes, and over 50 special occasion cakes.

7.  Do you customize wedding cakes?

We LOVE to customize wedding cakes!  There are definitely seasonal cake trends that we see a lot of, but we are excited when a bride asks us to create a cake to match her dress, wedding invitation, décor, etc.  We also love putting personal touches on cakes that are unique to the bride and groom. Most recently, we added a small Mickey and Minnie face on the back of a wedding cake where the couple sliced into their cake because they got engaged in Disneyworld.  We’ve also re-created a broach completely out of sugar that belonged to a bride’s grandmother.

8.  Do you deliver, how much does it cost?

Yes! We prefer to deliver and will travel as far as necessary!  We’ve delivered as far south as Key West and as far north as Washington, D.C.  Delivery charges depend on the distance.  Delivery within Wilmington is $35.  Deliveries to St. James Plantation, Kure Beach, and Bald Head Island are higher because of the travel time.

9.  Do you do other small desserts?

Yes!  Although most of our daily orders are for custom cakes, we also provide small sweets and full dessert bar set-ups.  In fact, we are both formally trained pastry chefs and graduates of the Patisserie and Baking program at Le Cordon Bleu, so our training started by making small American and European desserts.   We’ve also just opened our retail location for people to stop in and purchase delicious sweets such as cookies, cupcakes, cake truffles, and pastry squares.

photo copy

Stop in for a couple sweet treats and to say hello to some of the sweetest, most talented craftsman in the industry!

You can find them at their new location: 1616 Shipyard Boulevard, Wilmington 28412 / 910-352-1881

- Kate

Writing Your Way to “I Do”

When asking our clients about some of the most intimidating aspects of planning a wedding, 9 times out of 10 it has something to do with the ceremony. After all, it IS the most important part of the day! The celebration afterwards happens only because of what is promised, exchanged, and sealed with a kiss. With that said, it’s important to kick the event off right! Pulling tips from tradition and unique touches from your love story will be a huge hit—making the ceremony memorable, special, and worthy of the festivities that follow. Don’t know where to start? Read below for some helpful hints!


The Welcome: 

The ceremony welcome sets the tone for the rest of the event. The word choice is an important element to consider and should be appropriate for the setting of the wedding. Think about the audience, mood, and formality of the ceremony when evaluating how to greet your guests.

Giving Away of the Bride: 

The bride’s escort speaks on behalf of the bride’s family when answering: “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

Opening Prayer and Reading  [AND/OR] Definition of Marriage: 

This is a great opportunity to engage the audience with quotes or sayings about love and marriage. Focusing on the biblical importance of marriage, or speaking about what it means to be in a married partnership, is a great way to transition into the exchange of vows.

Short Story About the Couple’s Relationship: 

Although this is sometimes considered an optional element, it can really make the ceremony stand-out! Having a short anecdote about the two of you will connect your guests to your unique love story while “pulling at the heart strings” in a personal way.

Vow Exchange: 

You can either do the traditional “call and repeat” vows or write your own! If you choose to write your own vows, make sure that you create an outline together for each of you to abide by. It will help keep the length, content, and theme of the vows similar, while still allowing for individual reflection from each of you.

Ring Exchange: 

The ring exchange is a good time to include a blessing, a prayer, or to speak briefly about the symbolism of the rings.

Closing Prayer or Final Thoughts: 

The final thoughts should be used to excite the newlyweds & guests with well-known, encouraging sayings about love and marriage.


Announces that it is a “done deal”—“You may kiss the bride!”

Introduction of Couple: 

Marks the first opportunity for the officiant to announce the newlyweds in front of the audience before the walk down the aisle together. (Cheering and merriment to follow) :)



Most importantly, make the ceremony unique to the two of you! Feel free to insert songs, readings, unity ceremonies, or anything else that you envision, in the area that you feel work best for your ceremony. Have fun selecting the content and focus on the atmosphere that you want to create for you and your guests. I’ll leave you with a special note from one of our favorite officiant’s, Kevin Martin:


“It’s super important to work one-on-one with your Wedding Officiant to create the kind-of ceremony which is a beautiful reflection of “you,” and your relationship with your spouse-to-be ; all the while being in-line with your beliefs, convictions, and personalities. I find that it is of utmost importance to sit down with your Officiant and “talk content.”  Many destination brides have the opportunity to have coffee with their Officiant or Minister via a Skype meeting, or phone meeting.  One thing is for sure – ALL have envisioned their perfect wedding day, and every Minister (should) consider those they are serving, and incorporate realistic suggestions and input they receive from their Brides.

 Here are some key steps to creating your perfect ceremony:
1. Be Clear: Communicate through your vows, readings, scriptures, and other content “who” you are.  Do not use your wedding day to leverage your differences. Remember, ‘Grandma’ is there – consider what she might want to hear.
2. Say More, By Saying Less:  Gone are the days of 1 hour wedding ceremonies.  What is it you really want to proclaim?  Do that by getting rid of all the traditional wordiness and unnecessary liturgy, when this makes sense.
3. Flow is Everything:  Your Ceremony needs to have a beginning, a plateau, and an end.  Your wedding day should move like a really awesome movie.  People need to get up and say, “that was awesome!” versus “so glad that is over; where are the hors d’ouervres and beverages?”
4. Connect: Ensure your Officiant connects with your honored guests – parents, grandmothers, bridal parties, and any others who are set-apart – DURING the ceremony.  Even if briefly, this creates a communal feel which will be appreciated.
5. Touch the Hearts:  All guests and family members who attend your Wedding Ceremony need to feel touched to the core of their being.  Remembering that all in attendance are in various seasons of life.   I have created a delivery and some key points which allow the newly marrieds to clench hands as they witness the ceremony, as well as tapping into those who have been married for longer than I have been alive.  Touch all – and your wedding day will be a magnificent, unforgettable experience.”

Love Kevin’s suggestions/ideas as much as we do? Find out how he can be a part of your big day at:

Happy Writing!


Dos and Don’ts for Your Bald Head Island Wedding

Bald Head Island is so beautiful!  If you haven’t visited, it is about 35 miles south of Wilmington, NC and is a nature preserve.  It has many restrictions on transportation, wildlife, and even the use of sparklers!  Because of these restrictions and the fact you have to access the island by ferry only, there are several challenges.  We have worked weddings, including my own, on Bald Head Island several times and know some useful information regarding your Bald Head Island Wedding, so here are our tips!

DO Create a Wedding Website with Travel, Accommodation, and Tourist Information.

Websites like WeddingJoJo and WeddingWire are very useful in providing information for your guests that will assist them in accessing Bald Head Island.  It may take some time, but investing in a well-planned and useful wedding website will save you answering lots of questions regarding what is available on the island in the future.  Spend some time working on your wedding website information and you’ll be glad you did!

DON’T Worry so much about where your guests are staying.

Typically, your guests have attended weddings in destination locations or even towns outside of their own and are used to finding accommodations.  Having a well=planned website with lots of options will help, but don’t spend every waking moment considering where each guest may stay.  They’ve been on vacation before, they can figure it out!

DO Consider using a rental cart as a getaway vehicle.

I rented the adorable Rolls Royce golf cart on Bald Head Island for my entry and getaway car to and from my reception and would highly recommend it!  You don’t have to go with the Rolls Royce (contact us for more details on reserving it), but would recommend having a separate vehicle that isn’t associated with your rental home as your escape car.  It makes for a much easier plan and that way, no one is out of a ride at the end of your event!

DON’T Wear your hair down.0531_Courtney_and_NIck_Theo_Milo_Photo

It’s a common mistake in planning how you will look on your wedding day.  Many brides envision their wedding day hair as long and flowing and blowing in the wind…but it usually (at least on Bald Head Island) ends up a natty mess by the end.  Because Bald Head Island is…an island…the wind blows in every direction.  When you think, “oh, I’ll just put my hair behind my ears, or pinned back and it’ll  stay…” think again.  My suggestion is to put your hair completely back, regardless off the style, and secure it with lots of bobby pins and hair spray.  I promise you won’t be sorry.  Oh, a side note…don’t wear a long veil on the beach…it will be everywhere and not nearly as pretty as you pictured it.

DO Hire vendors who have worked on Bald Head Island before.

This is a doozy, a big one.  Bald Head Island is difficult to manage and can sometimes be a challenge, but trust me…it is worth it in the end.  If you choose vendors who are using your wedding as their first attempt at Bald Head Island, get ready for a long and bumpy ride.  Vendors who know the island and are familiar with the logistics and overall complexity are going to vastly improve your experience versus those who don’t.  Trust me on this one…we’ve seen some sad, sloppy cakes before and you don’t want that!

Overall, Bald Head Island is a beautiful place to spend your happiest moments and we hope we can be part of it with you!  Contact us to get started planning your Bald Head Island wedding today!


Courtney Stone

info {at}kickstandevents {dot} com


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